06-20-2016:  Civil War Documents; Source; Drew Beeson

02-23-2016:  School Page: Latexo School; 1952 Latexo School annual


10-20-2015:  Vitals Page:  Texas Birth Records 1926-1949 all counties

07-08-2015:  Reunion Page: information on Refuge Cemetery; Source; LaWanda Pennington

05-07-2015:  Added current picture of Gossett house: Source; John Gilmartin


12-03-2014:  Wall Cemetery - Latexo: corrections and additional information; Source; Bettie Sarver

11-12-2014:  Obituary Page:  W.M. Denny collection of obituaries

11-01-2014:  Businesses Page: Article about the Crockett Democrat later the Crockett Courier newspaper

07-25-2014: Vital Page, Will of James Murphy; Source; C.M. Wright

04-05-2014: Military Page, WWI:  picture of 3 Belott men in WWI; Source; Patsy Cherry Gibbs


Sep 10, 2013:  Obituary Page:  Old obituaries; WARREN, Lee;  Source; Bettie Sarver

Sep 06, 2013:  Obituary Page: Old obituaries; BROXSON, Enoch, Mrs., HOLLINGSWORTH, George M.CRADDOCK, Tom Source; Bettie Sarver

Aug 15, 2013:  New .pdf file for narrative of the Wrenshall Family Bible and their lives; Source; Bettie Sarver

July 09, 2013:  Biography Page; Dickey families of Houston County; Source; Karen McCan Hett

07- 09-2013 - Biography Page; Dickey families of Houston County; Source; Karen McCann Hett

06-03-2013 - Businesses page: Added photo of Jimmy Brown Store: Source: Jennifer Bass Smith

                        Business page: Picture of Dominy Service Station

05-21-2013 - Obituary Page: Added old Patterson obit's.... Source: Bettie Sarver

05-20-2013 - Added Smith and Barnes names to the Holly Cemetery; Source: Louise Caskey

03-07-2013 - Biography Page A-K & Black History Page: DEBOSE, Robert  & 1. Eliza Johnson, 2. Easter Randolph.

01-23-2013 -  Obituary Page:   BOZEMAN, E.J.

01-16-2013 -  Obituary Page:   DYKES, Frances Ann (Kennedy)

01-01-2013 -  Obituary Page:  MOORE, Jefferson "Jeff", Sr. CAPRIELIAN, Jill (Craddock)


12-14-2012 - Biography A-K Page:  Foster family histories

11-30-2012 - Langham Cemetery

11-30-2012 - Obituary Page: LANGHAM, Dorothy (Narvaez);                       

11-19-2012 - Obituary Page: CHILDS, Virginia (Hollingsworth) Lovell PRICE, Margie Nell (Jones)

10-28-2012 - Old Obituaries & Wedding: SHERIDAN, William N.; SHERIDAN, W.N., Col.; THAMES, R.R.; LIVELY, Mrs. Taylor; DOWNES, J.E.; BROWNING, L.Q.; BISHOP, Mrs. Jesse; KENNEDY-HOLLINGSWORTH WEDDING; Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver

09-25-2012 - Biography Page: William Bertron "Bert" Vest & Minnie Lee West genealogy

09-08-2012 - Bio page - Descendants of John W. Dear

05-31-2012 LINK: Guiceland Cemetery; listed death date for E-Thell (Killion) Herod; Source: Carolyn C. Maxey
05-10-2012 LINK: Obituary Page - Rebecca Francis Miller obit; Source: Bettie Sarver
03-14-2012 LINK: Obituary Page & Glenwood Cemetery: obituary for Lieut. Edward E. Downes
01-06-2012 LINK: Vital Records: Death Certificate information (numerous)
01-05-2012 LINK: Cemetery page A-K: Coleman Grave Yard
12-12-2011 LINK: Obituary Page: Nov. 2011; Billie Ruth Ferguson; Veita Mae Johnson; Wanda Rae Driskell; H.C. McKinney; Annalee Patton; Nollie Grace Woolley; Harold James Small; Dorothy Jean Hazlett Goodrum; Nora Chastain; Billy Frank Gallant; Lloyd Herbert Jacobs; Faye Johnson Lucas; Clive Edwin "Bubba" Dickey
11-09-2011 LINK: Publications; New Items at the Houston County Historical Commission, Book, "Houston County Historical Markers" & Houston County 175th birthday coin.  Make good Christmas gifts: Source: Marty Cash
11-05-2011 LINK: Articles, Stories, etc. CHIMNEYS: How to build a smokeless chimney from the Crockett Printer - 12-6-1853
11-03-2011 LINK: Obituary PageOct. 2011  
10-24-2011 Link:  Photo LocationsTrinity River Lock & Dam & Ferry; Locks being built on the Trinity River, Hwy &: Submitted by: Hayne Morrow
10-21-2011 Link:  Biographies A-K:  BURNETT, John H & Catherine Beavers
10-20-2011 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HEATH, Robert Clarence


Link:  Articles, Stories, Etc.: Crockett Courier 1908 Lovelady News CROCKETT OPERA HOUSE


Link:  Churches: New Hope Missionary Baptist Church - Kennard; Submitted by: Jimmine & Monique Joseph

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MUCKLEROY, Edna Earl

10-04-2011 Link:  Biographies A-K: Link to Ancestors of Birdie (Doss) Denby
10-01-2011 Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   PUTNAM, Ann McCelvey
09-22-2011 LINK:  Photo's People; Andrew "Sparky" Rush
09-12-2011 LINK: Obituary Page:  August 2011 September 2011
09-07-2011 LINK: Photo's Locations:  Purcell Grocery
09-01-2011 LINK: Biography Page; Mendel Bromberg page; added picture and info on Dr. Leon Bromberg
08-21-2011 LINK: Forest Lawn Cemetery; this cemetery was first called Crockett New Cemetery.  I have looked at all the death certificates I could find and place the parental information on them.  There were LOTS & LOTS of errors in dates on the old listings.
07-30-2011 LINK: Obituary Page:   June 2011  -  July 2011
06-25-2011 Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  ELLIS, Buddy


Link: Biography Page L-Z:  NUMSEN, George Frederick & Jane Vaughan


Link: Obituary Page: Isham Cone, I.W. Murchison & Mary Wilson; Source: Bettie Sarver

Link: Marriage Records: Sherman- Morgan marriage

06-15-2011 Link: Manning Cemetery: correction on L. Penalope (Manning) Barrow and husband James Aaron Barrow; also the listing for Sallie (Grounds) Manning is incorrect according to her death certificate, she is buried in the Evergreen Memorial Park, Crockett, Houston Co., TX
06-14-2011 Link: Obituary Page & Glenwood Cemetery: death of Lessie May Berry, dau. of George Berry


Link:  Biographies A-K:  CRADDOCK, Henry Franklin & Angeline Murchison


Link: Obituaries Page A-G BEAVERS, Marie,  BICKHAM, Jessie Mae,  BLACKMON, Hazel,  BOULWARE, Ann,  BROWN, Eura Grace Bowdoin COOK, Glyn B. DOWDY, Kerry Rae ENOS, Iva Belle (Smith) GOOLSBY, Wilma Fay Logan GRESHAM, Syble Alyne Mills

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HUGHES, Anna Loyce,  KENLEY, Thomas Edward "Edd" KNOWLS, Rebecca Peterson McKNIGHT, Joe Earl

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PAYNE, Bonnie (Minter) Green,  PORTER, Monica Coleman,  SEWELL, Reba Banta,  SNELL, Bobby,  THOMPSON, Katie Fenton,  WELLS, Shirley,  ZUCKERO, Laura

05-21-2011 Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  YARBROUGH, Major James C.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G ADAMS, Opal Hartnett,  BEARD, Melba Stewart,  BEARD, Vincie COLTER, Jake CURRIE, Bernice,  DAVENPORT, Eddy Wayne ENGLISH, Bobby Gene ENGLISH, Harold Claude ENGLISH, Dudley Douglas GROAT, Virgil,  GOOLSBY, Fran GRIFFIN, Frank

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HAZLETT, Robert Lee, Jr.,  LARUE, Edna Knighten LIVELY, Nancy Carol LOWERY, Joe OVERSTREET, Theresa Keeland MELVIN, Wilbur MILLWEE, Hazel

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  PETERSON, Benola,  REYNOLDS, Ebilene TURNER, Kathleen


Link: Military Page: Pictures of Horace Ham, Carl Price, George Speaker, A.Z. Tolbert & Jimmy Vondrasek; Source: Alice Jones


Link: Obituaries Page A-GBENNETT, Carrie Lea (Minter);  BOWDOIN, Reba Kendrick  BOZEMAN, Marjorie Jane Sunderland;  CAMPBELL, Andrew Calvin, Sr.  CARTER, Jerry;  CLAYTON, James Arthur CROWSON, Pamela Kay Millwee;  FOXWORTH, Frances Lorraine Lilyholm;  GUILLORY, Wanda Gayle

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: LARUE, Betty Carol LeNORMAND, Mary Elizabeth;  LINDSAY, Betty Lou LITTLE, Thurman

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  ROBERTS, Gertie Nettles ROY, Patricia Ann;  WARFIELD, Minnie Rutine Fobbs


Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: LEE, Albert Sidney, Rev.: Source: Bettie Sarver

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   ROUTLEDGE, Nicholas Oliver Source: Bettie Sarver


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G: DAVIS, Adrian A. Buddy, Jr

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: McCELVEY, John Kenneth


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GBAILEY, Joyce Evelyn;  BARNHILL, Robert P. "Rip"

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HAMLIN, Melva HARRELL, Dorothy Jane;  HARRISON, Geneva;  HESTER, Minnie E. (Wilcox) LARUE, Bettie Sue MATCHETT, Robert Olen McCLAIN, Tish MORROW, Ipha Mae

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z: PATTON, Douglas RICH, Charles L. TARVER, Hollis A. WHIFFEN, Thomas Edwin, Jr.


Link:  Biography Page L-Z PHILLIPS, Henry Johnson & Sarah Jane Brashears


Link:  Wesley Chapel Cemetery - 365 pictures added: Submitted By; Glenn Matchett


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GCHANDLER, Helen Calvert

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HALLMARK, Pauline Marie HAMLIN, Zora Ellena Manville, Guy "Dickey" MURCHISON, Richard Theo

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  PEARSON, Frances  RAY, Alta SAUCIER, Elvera Poret SHAVER, John Rodney "Johnny" WESTBROOK, Emma Pauline ZALESKY, Eunice Gates


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GGROUNDS, Carol McKinney

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HILL, Sue Gibson;  JONES, Paula KNOX, Mavis McANALLY, Hazel

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  SEXTON, Dennis


Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  PIERSON, Frank C. L.; Submitted by: Felix Green


Link:  Biography Page L-Z: John Henry WOOTTERS & Phila Berta Smith;  John Smith WOOTTERS, MD & Sue Craddock


Link:  Ivie Cemetery:  headstone photo for Dennis Larry McClain; Submitted by: Shirley Grammer


Link:  Biography Page L-Z Wootters, Andrew H. & Bryde Eastman Wootters, James C. & Emily Mildred Cash-Long


Link:  Ivie Cemetery, lots of names added


Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  TURNER, A.B.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GALEXANDER, Carl Basil, Jr.;  BADGETT, Viola Mae BEARD, Henry;  CADWELL, Bill CHANDLER, Shirley Zellers; EAGER, Deanie Harmon; FREE, Marie Shipp Keys

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HARRIS, Inez METTS, Chuck

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  SCHULTE, Melvin E.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GCRAVEN, Donece DUREN, Verna Harrison;   DRONET, Lola Mae;  ELLIOTT, Betty Ann

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: HENDERSON, Margaret Jean

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  RUBY, Randy;  ROBINSON, Billie Jean SURINGER, Frank Edward TURNER, Raymond "R.C."


Link:  Cemetery Page: Brown Cemetery; new survey with pictures; Submitted By; Glenn Matchett


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GCHAMBERS, C.R. GRAHAM, Annie "Florene"

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: McCONNELL, Payton

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  PLATT, L. Ray WILLIAMS, Leo “Bow”, Jr.

11-17-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G: BRADLEY, U.L. (Turner)


Link:  Obituaries Page A-GBOWDOIN, Dorothy Marie Kunz;  DYCHES, Rena GILBERT, Oscar

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N: LANE, Bobby MILLICAN, Billy NOBLE, Robert Edwin, Dr.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z: SMITH, Genevieve Tarwater


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G BENNETT, Quincy


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G FULTON, John

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  PATTON, Robert Larry SANDERS, Betty

Link:  Biographies Page L-Z:  William Marion "Will" Norris  & Mattie Thomasson


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G BIGGER, Anita Byrde Craddock;  ELLIOTT, Joe Ann KILLOUGH, Della (Peterson)

Link:  Black History:  Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins

10-27-2010 Link:  New Energy Cemetery;  Added names, Bonnie (McPhail) Allen & Harold Dee Allen


Link:  Biographies A-K: DODSON, Capt. Roland S. & Margie Meadors

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  HOWARD, Larry James


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G: ALLEE, Carrie;  ANDERSON, Jewel (Crenshaw);  BANKS, Raymond;  BRABHAM, Modene Platt CHILES, Lloyd Vernon GALLANT, Alton Rayford

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  MUNSELLE,Melanie Meyer

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  WILLS, Hayne

10-08-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  TUNSTALL, Faye Nell (Luce)


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G: BARFIELD, Juanita Fogle;  BILLINGSLEY, Joe; BERWICK, Michael Keith, Jr. GALLANT, Alton Rayford;

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  LEMONS, Kenneth Ray LIVELY, Sylvia Leamons;  MELTON, Mart M., Jr.;

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   RAMSEY, Betty Ann; STOVALL, Katherine Smith;


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G: BOWMAN, Dianna Elizabeth "Buff" Dean- Williams


Link:  Reunion Page Driskell Reunion

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:   CLINE, Earline

09-18-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:    SKALICKY, Rose Marie


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:   BOX, Jessie, Jr.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:    SHAW, H.L., Jr.;   WOOTEN, Matt, Jr.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:   BENDER, Marie Woodson BURGESS, Gerald Wayne;  DOWDY, Billy Joe;  DOWDY, John Earl FRIZZELL, Jerry

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   HADLEY, Sharon French;  HAM. Nelva Earline (Neel);  JORDAN, James D. MCQUEEN, C.W.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:    WHITLEY, Judy Turner PARRISH, Exie Lee


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BYRD, Robert;  EWING,  Jeanette Caskey; GILLEN, Billie Jean

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  LUCE, Barkley

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PAGE, Velma; SMITH, Hazel PARRISH, Exie Lee;  ZUCKERO, George Henry


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ARNOLD, Arminta BEAR, John Rowland "Johnny"; BROWN, Clayton

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MABRY,  Maxine Magee; McCARTY. O.K.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PARVIN, Michael Chris;  PRINGLE, Rena Maude Price; RICHARDS, Marguerite “Maggie”; SMITH, Roy Dean; WOOLLEY, James W.

08-26-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HALEY, Bob MARSH, Barbara Jean (Lynch)
08-11-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  BAKER, Archibald "Arch" & Mary Murchison
08-09-2010 Link:  Obituary Page: obit for Murdock McIntosh Baker: Submitted by:  William R. "Bill" Long


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  DAWSON, Polly Hammett;  DRISKILL, Henry Lee “Jake”  EVANS, David Earl Evans

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HARRISON, Jimmy Frank LOW, James Ray

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   POPP, Cody SATTERWHITE, Smith SHUPAK, Judy Beth;  TROUTMAN, Juanita “Nita” (Harrington)

07-20-2010 Link:  Obituary Page: Early Obituaries;  HUDSON, Chesley Webb; killed WWI;  Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver
07-09-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BRANCH, Marcheta McAnally
07-07-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MANGHAM, Mary McCLAIN, Jerry Edward


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BAKER, Bobby Charles; BRADSHAW, Winward George

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  WALTON, William Henry “Billy”, Dr.

07-02-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  DEBERRY, Albert A. & MARY Johnson Long
06-30-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HADID, Madge Brewton
06-28-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  NAILL, Sharon Elaine


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  GILMORE, Clyde Elton

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  KING, Annie M. LEDGER, Joseph M., Jr. LOVELADY, Cletus, Rev.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PROZE, Edythe Marie STRINGFELLOW, Jessie Bell WHITTING, Annie Washington

06-24-2010 Link:  Home Page: Mayor Wayne Mask of Crockett has started a Blog site, "I Love Crockett, Texas".  Take a look and contribute your thoughts about the rich historical heritage of Crockett and the people who have contributed to it and Houston County.
06-22-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  CARD, Clara Nell


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  EVANS, George Thomas

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:  SHAVER, Bobbie Jean


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ADAMS, Clifford T. ARDRY, Erna Marsh BABB, Lena Bartel BROUSSARD, Bertha Mae BULLOCK, William Thomas EDGE, Frances Dominy FOWLER, Faye

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HAMPTON, James Edward HUGHES, Jimmy Ray, Sr. HUNZIKER, Gene Ray LONG, Andrew Dickey MCKINNEY, Floyd George MCKINNEY, Lois Dottie MCQUEEN, Glenn Franklin MILTON, James L. MINTER.  Bobby Glenn, Sr. MUSICK, Sammy Joe

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PYLE, Eula Mae RAGAN, Darren Lee RAGAN, Eleanor Elizabeth

Link:  Biography Page A-K: GROUNDS, Grady

05-31-2010 Link:  Glenwood Cemetery A-J; listings for Eliza Jane (Kersey) Hayslip and son C.H. Hayslip; Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver
05-29-2010 Link:  Conner Cemetery:  Additions & corrections to BEST, HOPPER, LANDRUM, McINTIRE, McNEEL, WARREN listings; Submitted by: Charlotte Wilford Gogola


Link:  Biography Page A-K: CARLTON, James Madison & Martha Renfro

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BROWN, Hazel Dyes CANTRELLE, Clay Arron DURHAM, Tracy Sophie FINLEY, Edward James FREEMAN, James Wilson

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HACKETT, Betty Jones KRESTA, Lois Greb

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SIMS, Melba Glynne WELCH, Herman Leo

05-19-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K: HARRISON, Thomas William & Margaret Annie Smith
05-18-2010 Link:  Biography Page L-Z:  SMITH, William Noah "W.N."


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ALLEN, Billy Earl ARNOLD, David BURNS, Margaret (Besso) BUTLER, Alexander Edmund CHANCE, Juanita FREEMAN, Richard Allen

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   OWENS, Billy E. PETTY, Melba Lane STARLING, Lorea Allene YATES, Ralph Owen


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ACKLEY, Danny Lyle, Sr. CARRIGAN, Ruth Batson

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  LAMBRIGHT, Libbie Dell

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PATTON, L.K.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BAGGETT, Amanda Louise BARRETT, Peter J. EDGE, Grady, Jr.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  McCOOL, Pauline Maddoux McGLOTHON, Robert Alfred

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PALMORE, Anna K. Turner PARMLEY, Dyan D. Pilkington PEACOCK, Norman Lee PEARSON, Casey Dee RAY, Essie Minter STEED, Hudell McCelvey STEWART, Eleanor M. Whitley STRANGE, Maydelle Morgan TAYLOR, Lois Nell TAYLOR, Lois Nell.

Link:  Vital Records: Bible of Birdie DENBY; Submitted by: Ruth Steed

04-22-2010 Link:  Cemetery Index Page:  Confederate Burials in the Glenwood Cemetery: Submitted by: Marty Cash-HCHC
04-18-2010 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  LANINGHAM, John Calvin, Jr.
04-15-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K: BENNETT, John B. & Francis McLeod


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BENNETT, Patricia Ann BENNETT, Robert Clifton BITNER, Dora E. Higginbotham BOBBITT, Joe Edd, Sr. CALDWELL, Judy COURTNEY, Martha Dessie O’Pry DRISKELL, Ruth E.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  JONES, Jo Dennard MATTOX, Peggy Knox

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PATTON, Jerry Lee TAYLOR, Rush Walker, Jr. WESTERMAN, Marie Ainsworth WILSON, Ola Mae Gail YOUNG, Janette Walker


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BURKS, Lena Dell; FERRARI, Robert Allen

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  NEAL, Clara Marcielle

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PATTON, Eleanor Ruth Stewart PENNINGTON, Wade Lewis ROBERTS, Shirley SHEPHERD, James L SHEPHERD, Jessie Bell Johnson


Link:  Photographs - places & locations, etc.:  First National Bank $20 note; Submitted by: Drew Beeson


Link:  Biography Page A-K:  Jessie R. Jones & Hannah Pomeroy Killough

Link:  Latexo Cemetery:  listing & death certificate for Joseph Ira Lumbley; Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BRISTOW, Durwood Lynn, Jr.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MONTGOMERY, Robert Lee

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   TROUTMAN, Mattie Cora Hughes  WISE, Margie

Link:  Biography Page L-Z  PARKER, Charles C.


Link:  Biography Page A-K:  ALSTON, Phillip & Eliza M. Wright

Link:  Biography Page L-Z  WRIGHT, William, III

03-08-2010 LINK:  Military PageVietnam Fallen Heroes


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ALLEN, Sherman BRUBAKER, Gordon BURRAN, Danny Ray COOKSEY, BEN F. ELLIOTT, Fred E.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N HOLT, Peggy KILPATRICK, Obie

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SMITH, Ralph Hayes “Smitty” TELSCHOW, Fred M., Sr. TULLOS, Mary Seale WHITE, Willis A. WHITEHEAD, Tommie Jean Aiken

Link:  Military Page - WWI Casualties of War from Houston County


Link:  Obituaries Page   PATTERSON, Watson

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G GOOLSBY, Sarah Ann (Hill)

Link:  Glenwood Cemetery north:  Sarah Ann Goolsby & Christopher Lee Goolsby; ELAM, A.D.; HOLMES, Sarah (Elam)

Link:  Center Hill Cemetery HARTT,  Zena;  HARTT,  Rose Ella;  HARTT,  J. T. M. HARTT,  James Ransom FRICK,  Archie N.

Link:  Lovelady Evergreen Cem. HART, John MarlinHART, Dora LeeHARTT, Ransom B.

All Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  DAVIDSON, Jennie Rosen

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  KING, Alice Estelle MAPLES, Ruth “Bernice” MILLS, Mozelle Pauline MOORE, John Wesley

02-20-2010 Link:  Biography Page L-Z  POWELL, John W.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  FREESE, Jana Lee Musick

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  KELSEY, Lillian Adell Parrish MOORE, Geneva Ann

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   TUCKER, Dixie Marie

02-07-2010 Link:  Military Page:  Vietnam death, Ruzell Gray


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  BRAZIL, James Clayton CARLTON, Milton “Ray”

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  LANE, James - Photo MARSH, James Ervin “Pop” MATHER, Ralph Leonard

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PERRY, Edward Lee SULLIVAN, Elizabeth “Betty”

02-03-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  COLLINS, Simeon
01-29-2010 Link:  Randolph Cemetery:  Listings for members of the Shadrack Carlton family


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  ELLIOTT, Michael Drew GILBERT, R.C. (Bob)

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  LANE, James McGUYER, Rose MINTER, Kathryn

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PICKENS, Leroy Arthur, Sr. RAINS, Anna Pearl RICH, Nancy Flo ROBINSON, Frank James TIDWELL, Dale

01-15-2010 Link:  Census Records:  1835 Census for Texas - Old Nacogdoches area


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  ATKINSON, Floyd BREAUX, Tulley Edward DEWITT, Donald Leon

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  HUGHES, Elsie Wilson Drane

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   STEPHENS, Ned WELCH, Irene WILSON, Glenda

01-13-2010 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  Benjamin Ellis


Link:  JIm English Cemetery L-ZSutherland, David Beresford info & pictures


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  ASHWOOD, Ima Huff CROWE, Audrey N. Dominy DOUGLAS, Robert Richard "Richie", Jr.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  HUTSELL, James William, Jr. JOHNSTON, Jarid Thomas KIRCHOFF, Aletha Faye Smith

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PERRY, George Wesley


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G  ADAMS, Barcus Birdine BISHOP, Eliza BITNER, Douglas Everett BONNER, Mamie BOWDOIN, Robert Earl BREWTON, Oneal BRIDGES, Lorraine BROOKS, L. Ray CARUTH, Dorothy June CLOUGH, Melvin Gene COBORN, Paul COOK, Imogene COOK, Melvin Elwood CROSS, Barbara Annette Sailer CURRIE, Charles Wayne DESMYTHER, Jewell Frizzell DORSEY, Ivy ENGLISH, Charles E. FERGUSON, Clinton Ray FRISBEY, Lisa Ann FULLER, Donna Jean GOSSETT, Dozier Payne GOYNES, Lester C.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N  HAAS, Dan HARE, Jack HUNTSMAN, Michael JOHNSON, Hazel Pike KEMP, Juanita KJELLANDER, Henry James KNOWLES, Floyd, Jr. MAHANAY, Karren Ann MANN, Charles S., D.D.S. MARTIN, Jack A. McKNIGHT, James Arthur MOONEYHAM, Mayme Ruth MOONEYHAM, W.F.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PATRICK, Walter Woodrow PETERS, Eddie Ray RAWLS, Billie REISNER, J.D. RHONE, Michael William ROACH, Joe Mack RUIZ, Salome Casas RUSSELL, Margie Hayes SALLEE, William Leslie SHAVER, George Willis SHEPPHERD, Terrell Johnson SILBER, Pauline SPENCE, Genova Pike SUGGS, Bill TANNER, Raymond Stuart WALKER, Iva Elizabeth WEST, Robbie Robison WESTBROOK, Stephanie Renée WOLF, Ann


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