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12-03-2009 Link:  Biography Page L-ZRAWLS, Joseph Randolph
11-18-2009 Link:  Biography Page L-Z RINGGOLD, John Benjamin
11-05-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  FOBBS, Mary Murphy
10-30-2009 Link:  Military Page:  photo's of the WWII & Korean War Memorials, Washington, DC: Submitted by: Quincy Bennett
10-26-2009 Link:  Weches Cemetery:  listings for TYER, Georgia Mae & TYER, John Weldon; Submitted by: Tammie Lindsey
10-25-2009 Link:  Campbell Cemetery, Halls Bluff Community; listing for  TODD, Emma Pearl Bell


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  DAVIS, Deacon Robert Lee DUDLEY, Lois “Jeana" DUGAS, Wanda GIBSON, Norman

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HAAS, DanHURLEY, John WilliamKNOX, Vencie BrownMcCOY, James M.,  Sr. McDANIEL, Kevin RayMORTON, Jackie Paul

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SHROPSHIRE, Ruth Parrott STRANGE, Willie LeeVONDRA, NannetteWHITE, Jeruel “Dewy”


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G CARLTON, Clayton GILLEN, W.T. GOODRUM, Lanora Rollo

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   HENDERSON, Bill

09-29-2009 Link:  Biography Page L-ZLANGSTON, John S. & Margaret Kinman


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G GROVE, Doris LawrenceBRIDGES, JuanitaFERGUSON, Della Mae

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PIERCE, Mary Madeline JacobsWELLS, W. R. PeteWYMAN, Frankie

09-21-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G ALLBRIGHT, Jim CAYWOOD, Daphine Lumbley


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G CHELF, Alice MarianneCOOK, W.L "dub"GUILLOT, Melba Lois McBride

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   KING, Anna OmelinaLEGGETT, Douglas Kent, Sr.LOOKER, John F., Jr.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   VICKERS, AdaWELLS, Allene

09-18-2009 Link:  Crockett School Page:  1952 Crockett Elementary School 8th Grade Graduation Class Photo


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G CHAPMAN, Laney Reana

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  McCONNELL, John P. MUSICK, Medwin Derrel

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SALMON, Cleon SMOOT, Faye Nell

09-09-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   McQUEEN, Wanda
09-08-2009 Link:  Titus Cemetery; Hunt names added
09-05-2009 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  ADAMS, John J. & Electra C. Due


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:   CRAIG, Mary Ninon Patton;   CHERRY, C. W. "Corky"; DOAN, Rev. Nelson Eugene, II   FREEMAN, Lela; DENMAN, Ruby Mae;  GEORGE, Murphy;  GLAZIER, Mauna Lawson

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   JONES, Ricky LIPKINS, Glenda Kaye Wilmore;  MOORE, Clayton Paul

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   RUSHING, Alice Ann;  SALMON, Laura LeeSATTERWHITE, Helen Bailey;  SHIFLETT, Willie Hayne

08-28-2009 Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   TURNER, John & Louiza J. GRIMM


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:    BUCHANAN, John Clark CAMPAGNA, PatrickFIELDS, Chester A.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   McMINN, Mary E.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:    RABEL, Kayla Nell ReedSPRATLEY, Nina Lavona STRAUGHAN, Freda Rollo

08-19-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  JONES, Raymond Callaway


Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   PERMENTER, Needham B.Submitted by: David Permenter

Link:  Biography Page A-K:  DENNY, Dr. William HenrySource:  Marty Cash (HCHC)

08-09-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:    BARTON, Joyce Skipper


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:   CLOUD, Johnny FrankCOLLINSWORTH, JerryCOMMANDER, Johnny Frankie;   FERGUSON, Joyce Marie PattonFRIZZELL, Billy Gene

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:   HUFF, Billie RayJONES, C.P. "Buck"KLEINSCHMIDT, Gus, Jr.;   KRAJCA, Ashley Renee Black

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PILKINGTON, Martha MariePOE, C.R.;   SHIVELEY, Marjorie Overholt; SIDES, Edna;   SMITH, MinorWOOLLEY, Charles Wayne

08-04-2009 Link:  Vital Records: 1891 ADJUTANT GENERAL'S REPORT - LIST: Of Houston County Fugitives From Justice; Other Texas Counties
07-24-2009 Link:  Biography Page: Biographies - M. Bishop submissions;  Documentation on Sarah Haile St Amant


Link:  Biography Page:  28 BIOGRAPHIES OF HOUSTON COUNTY FAMILIES - Research by: Margaret Bishop

07-13-2009 Link:  Articles, Stories, etc.:  JERRY DAVIS - Certified Wildlife Biologist retires after 38 years of award winning dedicated federal service: Submitted by Don Conaway


Link:  Biography Page A-K:  William Milas Allee family: Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G BARRETT, Anita Kaminsky BARRIER, Trudy BENNETT, James Elles CERMAK, George Charles DAWSON, Jamie Thompson "Doc"FISCHER, Jason Michael FULLER, Justine ShannonGOODLOE, Derrell Wayne

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HACKETT, Veola HamiltonHOUSTON, Guindola HarrisHUNT, Eddie "EZ"IDEN, Herbert Clinton "Preacher"INGRAM, InezJAMES, Doyle Wayne LOCK, Kiana Marie RohlackMACNAUGHTON, George Butler McKITTRICK, Verda Ray MORRIS, Sandra "Sandy" Hardison

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   POE, VeraSCARBOROUGH, EstelleTAYLOR, David EarlTEAGUE, Athealene Watkins

06-28-2009 Link:  Crockett School Page:  1969 Reunion Class of 1959; Submitted by:  Jack Cherry
06-14-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G GILBERT, Edwin Eli "Buddy"

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:    STEWART, Troy Ray


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G ETHRIDGE, Thomas Eric "Two" GARRETT, Danny Kin;

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  McKINNEY, Robert Louis MOSZKOWICZ, Jacquelyn L. Goodrum

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SIMMS, Alfred Ralph

06-08-2009 Link:  Cemetery Index Page: Cemetery List and Directions; Houston, Leon, Madison, Cherokee, Walker, Anderson, and Trinity Counties;  Submitted by:  Roy C. Smith


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G BLAIR, Harvey "Tiny" CURRY, Dona Sue

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   TABOR, Billyne WEEKS, Willie Hayne

05-27-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   RHONE, Brian Ellis


Link:  Biography Page L-Z NEWMAN, John & Martha Baker; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BYRD, Jim Franklin, Sr. EDWARDS, Sterling L.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  JOSEY, Gary Andrew "Andy", Jr. HALLMARK, Joe

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   TERRY, Carol S. Roller

05-24-2009 Biography Page L-Z:    McCullar, David & Rebecca Jane Tipton; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough
05-22-2009 Link:  History of Houston County Texas by A.A. Aldrich completed; began in 2008;  article added; Texas Gave President (Theodore Roosevelt) Warm Welcome
05-13-2009 Link:  Reunion Page:  Updated information on Bob & Linnie Owens Yates family reunion:  Source: Martha Vandver
05-11-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MARTIN, Cecil Earl "Doubler"

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PETERS, Lilla "Muff"STEWART, Brian KeithWOODS, Jacalyne "Crickett"

Link:  Biography Page:  Elias Chaffin family: Jeanie Bailey added information on the William Riley Chaffin line.

05-10-2009 Link:  Cemetery Index Page L-Z: Percilla Cem. A-H & I-Zphoto's of headstone of the Burnett, McKinzie, Preyer & Sullivans; Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver
05-09-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BOATMAN, O.D. BRIDGES, Karen BROWN, Mark Edward DAVIDSON, Frances Scott

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HAYHURST, Albert Lee KREGER, Emily LOVING, Julius I.MELTON, PatriciaMILLS, DonnaMORRISON, James F., Rev.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PARRISH, John Robert SCHROEDER, Ronnie E.SHAW, Brady SMITH, Oleita Ferrell STRBAN, Dennis "Doc"

04-27-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   OLIVER, Evelyn Marie ShaverSHROEDER, Ronnie E.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ELLIOTT, Janice Hooks

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HESTER, Joe Bob, Sr. HUFFMAN, Paul R. KNOX, Dorothy Jane "Dottie" EubankMIDDLETON, Neal MORGAN, Evelyn NEUBAUER, Lillian K.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SIMMONS, Curtis Milton

04-21-2009 Link:  Historical Commission:  Photo Page:  Historical Commission Service Award; Source: Marty Cash


Link: Campbell Cemetery, Halls Bluff: additional information on the following listings;  TODD, Baker; TODD, Baker, Sr.;  BLAKE,  Mary Ethel Wagner;  BLAKE,  Bish B.;  CAMPBELL, Jim Henry; CAMPBELL, Grant; DELANE, Nathan, Jr.; DELANE, Clarence, Jr.; DeBERRY, Lexie; DeBERRY, Fannie; GARDNER, Henry; HACKETT, Joanna; HOUSTON, Julie; MERRITT, Virginia; MERRITT, Fred; MITCHELL, Isreal; OWENS, Minnie Ola; WHITE, Sylvia; WARFIELD, Mariah


Link: Biography Page L-Z:   OWENS, Robert LeeOWENS, Arthur RayOWENS, Columbus Woddard;

Source: Michael Owens


Link:  Weches Cemetery A-K:  Listed DAVIS, Gregory Earl; Source: Gina  Davis


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BEATTY, Mary Kathryn FainBEST, Bertha Dell Green BUCKLEY, Alta E. Manning FARRIS, Leoma Christine

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HAIRELL, Mabel S.HALL, Goree "Sonnye", Jr. MILLWEE, William Cloise "Bill"

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SLOAN, Gary Preston


Link:  School Page1936 Grounds School Report Card: Student - Charles Harrison

Link:  Photo Page - PeopleJane (Bennett) Collins Harrison & daughter Ann Collins


Link:  Obituary Page:  Roy C. Smith's collection of 6,858 obituaries.

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BOWMAN, Billie JoCAMPBELL, Kristi Diane DAVIS, JimmyDOVER, CliftonFRIZZELL, Evelyn

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HARDIN, PamKENT, Maggie Shivers MATHIS, George "Buzz"

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PAYNE, Ken PIERCE, Lester Cleo, Jr.;   RIGHTMIRE, Claude Bueil "C.B."SATTERWHITE, Richard TOMLIN, Minnie Eva Moore (Ragsdale)TURNER, Orville "Cubby"

03-30-2009 Link:  Crockett School Page:  picture of 1954 Graduation Class


Link:  Biography Page A-K:  HARKINS, John B. & Isabelle M. "Belle" DuPuy


Link:  Biography Page A-K:  BRANNAN, Jasper ''Jap/Jay'' N.


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BEAN, Iver Lee BellBEELER, Blake Allan BROWN, Alpha Omega Brumley COOK, Ronnie

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  JACOBS, Warren LANGRUM, Napoleon, Sgt. MANGUM, Sue Elaine

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PYLE, Wayne Ervin STUBBLEFIELD, Robert Lane TOWNSEND, Zella Christina WINZER, Tracey Lee

03-19-2009 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  DWIGHT, George E.  & Malinda Frost; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough
03-16-2009 Link: Biography Page L-Z:  SPACEK, John Paul & Rosie Rosak
03-14-2009 Link:  Deeds, Taxes, Misc. Records:  Vintage Letterheads & Statements:  Submitted by: Susanne Steed, Trinity County Museum


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BEST, Arnold Wayne ENGLISH, Virginia "Virgie"

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HILL, Frank Curtis, Sr.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SANDERS, Alfred F., Rev. WOODARD, Johnny


Link:  Photo Page:  Houston County Historical Commission photo's:  CCCCamp; Submitted by: Marty Cash


Link:  Crockett High School Page:  1954 Junior, Sophomore & Freshman Class pictures


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  CLEMENTS, Jamie H.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   SEPMOREE, Hurley Ann Leaverton

Link:  Biography Page A-K: BLUE, Duncan & Anna Cutre;  Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough

Link:  Crockett High School Page:  1954 Senior Class pictures

02-25-2009 Link:  Photo Page:  Houston County Historical Commission photo's:  Creek School souvenir program; submitted by: Marty Cash
02-24-2009 Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  LIVELY, Charles Aubrey

Link:  Photo Page:  Houston County Historical Commission photo's:  4C Mill Train Wreck, close up; submitted by Alton Moorepicture of Ratcliff, TX between 1900-1910; submitted by: Marty Cash;  Creek School; submitted by: Marty Cash


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ACKLEY, Beatrice "Bea"GANDY, Reginald Thorne "R.T."

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  HENDERSON, Carol Ann Neal KING, Karon KayLOGSDON, Arlie L. "Shug" MINTER, Bill

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   RANDALL, Cleburne "C.R."

02-19-2009 Link:  Biography Page A-K:    BROWN, RuebenSubmitted by:  Jim Yarbrough


Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  ADAMS, Buford LeoCRIDDLE, Chuck CURRY, Louise DEWITT, Nelda Fern DYKES, W.E. "Ed"

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  KYLE, Aubrey Dent

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   PENNAL, Wynonah DaphneSMITH, Clyde W.

Link:  Vital Records:  Ben & LaVern (Shroyer) Mathena


Link:  Cemetery Index PageHeadstone Emblems meanings (off site)

Link:  Obituaries Page A-G:  BIEDRZYCKI, Alfred Eugene BRUMLEY, Bruce CarltonCOLLIER, J.T. "John", Sr.

Link:  Obituaries Page H-N:  MAIDEN, Robert Floyd, Maj.

Link:  Obituaries Page O-Z:   ORR, R. LeonPRATORIUS, Kayla Ann PRUITT, Sarah Naomi SMITH, Margaret Anne SPRUILL, Bobby Neal STEPHENS, Barbara Jackson TURNER, James V. "Bo"

01-21-2009 Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  MUSICK, John Franklin, Sr.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  CLARK, Aubrey Eugene DRISKELL, Ernestine DRISKELL, Hollis C.

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   STANLEY, Floyd James WIDEMAN, Morris

Link: Articles, Stories, etc. GEORGIA CAMP SCHOOL

01-15-2009 Link: Articles, Stories, etc.Billie Nichols Bennett - TXGenWeb Houston Co., TX - article County of the Year Award - 01-15-2009
01-14-2009 Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HIGGINBOTHAM, Samuel Eugene
01-13-2009 Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  MAGEE, Erma Lois MITCHELL, Tom J., Dr.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  ALFORD, LouiseBLACKSTONE, Jerry

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HEATH, Fred HubertHILL, Bobby WayneKELLEY, Fount Nelms

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   RASH, Randall E. 'Randy'

01-08-2009 Link: Awards Page:  We won the TXGenWeb County of the Year 2008 Award.  Thanks to all of the contributors help.


Link: English Cemetery; ASHLEY, Barbery & ASHLEY, William E. 'Bill'  information; Submitted by:  Jevette Duncan

Link: Conner Cemetery; ASHLEY, Nancy Jane information; Submitted by:  Jevette Duncan

01-03-2009 Link: Photo Page YATES, SAMUEL LEE  & DELLA D. "DOVIE" WALLER - family pictures
01-01-2009 Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  LUCE, Leon