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12-28-2008 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  HAGER, KERSH; families; Submitted by David Tharp - offline location


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BURSON, CarlENGLISH, Henry H.

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HAM, Grover Wyn

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   REYNOLDS, Evadene Joan

12-23-2008 Link: Biography Page L-Z:   MANGUM, Wylie P & Susan Asha Stapelton
12-18-2008 Link: San Pedro - Lock-Out Cemetery HARRISON, Lila Johnson: Submitted by:  Jevette Duncan


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BRYAN, Alica Gale BaskinCOLGROVE, Michael Xavier FLAMING, Lora Lee Lenderman

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  KING, Elretha James Strong Williams MATTOX, Robert T. "Bob"

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   RICHARDSON, Loyce Laverne SANDERS, Bertha Lee SHIFLET, Jo Myrl WOOD, Clifford Warren, Jr.

Link:  Biography Page A-K:   CLAPP, Elisha P. & Rebecca Elizabeth Robbins; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough


Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  NICHOLS, Robert Chester

Link: Home PageHistory of Newspapers in Houston County


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BAXTER, Symova Jean NordstrandELLIS, Bette Jo Murray

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  LANSFORD, W.C. "Clarence"

11-16-2008 Link:  History of Houston County Texas by A.A. Aldrich;  portion of book online, to be completed as time permits.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BORGSTEDT, Emily AnnGRESHAM, J.B.

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HENDRICK, John Harold HENSLEY, Carl Dean MOON, Dora Louise MORGAN, LouiseMURDOCK, Noble

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   SPARKS, FayeWORKMAN, David Murle

11-13-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911 black schools:  Grounds; Glover;   Good BlyGrapelandHammondHalls Bluff #2Kerchoffer BluffLiberty HillLovelady: #1  #2 Mt. ZionNew SalemNew ProspectOaklandPlainPleasant GrovePercillaPorter SpringsRocklandRock HillHays SpringsRatcliffSan PedroShady GroveShilohSunflowerTadmorVolgaUnionUnion GroveWalnut CreekWechesWeldonWesley ChapelWoodland HallWheeler Springs
11-12-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911 black schools:  AlabamaArborAshPost OakBelviewCamp CreekCenterCenter HillCenter RidgeConner CreekCooperCopperas SpringsCreekCedar BranchChandlerFriendshipFodice:  #1   #2
11-11-08  Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911: TadmoreUnionUnion GroveWalnut CreekWechesWesley ChapelWoodland Hall


Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911:  Hays Springs;   Porter SpringsPost OakPrairie PointRed PrairieRocklandRock HillRatcliff: #1  #2  #3San PedroSalt BranchShady GroveShilohStubblefieldVolga:  #1   #2

11-08-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911:  Camp CreekCenterCenter HillCenter RidgeColtharpComer CreekPlainCooperCopperas SpringsCreekDanielDouglasEnergyEnonEphesusGroundsGlover Grapeland: #1  #2  #3HagervilleHammondHollyHickory GroveKennard CityLiberty HillLivelyLone StarLovelady: #1  #2  #3McElroyMt. PisgahMustang PrairieNew HopeNew ProspectOaklandPearson ChapelPiney CreekPine GrovePine PrairiePleasent GrovePercilla


Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1911:   Crockett:  #1    #2    #3    #4    #5LatexoAntiochArborAshAugusta (black); Augusta (white); BelviewBruton (Black).


Link: Obituaries Page A-G BEARD, EvaCLINKSCALE, Allen CURNUTT, Milford Lee 'Easy'

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HARRISON. Chloe ElizabethKOONTZ, Richard Charles

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   RAINS, Ada Bell Rhone TRUESDALE, John H. 'Rocky', Jr.

Link: Biography Page L-Z:    THOMAS, Monroe Arthur, Dr.

11-04-2008   Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in 1906: Crockett Black School - partial listing - pg.1  -  pg.2
11-03-2008 Link: Obituaries Page A-G: BEARD, Charlie Elonzo BEAR, Janice LynneBEAR, GladysBEAR, John BEARD, Eleanor Patton
11-02-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1906:  CooperPorter SpringsRocklandGroundsAugustaTyer & DensonPrairie GroveEnon pg.1 - pg2HammondLivelyvilleShady Grove

Crockett White School;  Pg.1  -  Pg.2 - Pg.3 - Pg.4

11-01-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1906:  Center RidgeThompsonPleasant GroveDouglass #2ConcordGum SpringsShilohConner CreekPiney CreekRock HillTadmoreGloverLatexoEnterpriseWalnut CreekDouglassCreekMcElroy SpringsDaly'sNew ProspectMount Pisgah
10-31-2008 Link: Schools PageSchools & Pupils in Houston County in 1906:  Pearsons ChapelCopperas SpringsRed PrairieSan PedroNew HopePost OakHayes SpringPrairie Point- pg1 -pg.2ColtharpOaklandHollyLake CreekBeulahAntiochPercillaDrennan - pg.1pg.2
10-30-2008 Link: Schools PageListing of all Black and White Schools in Houston County in 1906.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G ANDERSON, Vera Mae

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   ROBERTS, Carl Dean


Link: Obituaries Page A-G BIXBY, Heather Houghton BOWMAN, Mollie Ruth DAVIS, L.C.DEAN, Mary Sharmal (Cutler) DOTSON, Frances

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HELTON, O'Neal HERRING, A.J.

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   RICHARDSON, Hazel Emmer Wofford;  SHAFFER, Richard Hunter STRICKLAND, Winnie Lee TAYLOR, Lorena Dorsey TURNER, William A.WATSON, Lois I [Emogene]


Link: Obituaries Page A-G BOX, Anthony E. COON, Daryl Elwin CROWSON, Cecil Rayford FARR, Christopher David

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HARTZOG, Sheldon Dewayne MILLS, Sylvia Kallus

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   WRIGHT, Agnes Florine "Topsy"

Link: Vital Records Page - 50th Wedding Anniversaries Horace & Carole McQueen

10-07-2008 Link: Cemetery Index: Luce Cemetery; additional photographs added; correction to Liddie Mae Hendry & photo added; Submitted by: Elaine Luce

Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  CLARK, Inez H. (Hodges)

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:  O'NEAL, Helen Golden

09-29-2008 Link: Cemetery Index: Luce Cemetery; Photographs added; Submitted by: Elaine Luce

Link: Obituaries Page A-G BEESON, Sibyl Elizabeth Sexton;  BROWN, Jane Carter HolcombCARTER, Mary Etta

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  KILPATRICK, Albert Lee "Cotton"

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   PATTON, George RobertPYLE, Maxine Rogers RAINS, Dorothy Marie (Theriot)VADEN, Wilma

09-26-2008 Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   TURK, Lucien Carl & Dell White


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BRANNEN, Cleo ArnoldBROWN, Dorothy C. MatchettCHEATHAM, EarlGUNN, George C.

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HOLMES, Lorretta KIZZEE, Cloyce (Mr. Gee)

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   SHAW, Marie DixonTUCKER, IngerborgUSHER, Walter Warren

09-18-2008 Link:  Publications:    Lovelady, Texas Centennial 1872 ~ 1972:  Submitted by:  Marty Cash


Link:  Community Life-ActivitiesCelebrations & Entertainment

Link:  Biography Page A-K:   COLEMAN, Daniel M. & Louisa Matlock

09-03-2008 Link:  Community Life-Activities Chamber of Commerce & Houston County Development Foundation: NEW CATEGORY


Link:  Biography Page L-Z:  SHUPTRINE, Loranzo Davis "Dave" & Sarah Molisia "Sallie" Harrison

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   SIMPSON, Freda Viola Langston CallierSIMS, James Milton "Jim" & Elizabeth Mandy Cleveland

09-01-2008 Link:  Biography Page A-K:   FERGUSON, George W. & Emily Lucretia Boykin;  HOPKINS, Elemon "Peter" & Mariah Estelle;  BITNER, Alfred & Susan Johnson
08-31-2008 Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  CARLTON, Ivy LeeGAYLE, Vernon O., Jr.
08-30-2008 Link:  Biography Page A-K:   FOWLER, James Griffin & Betty Robbins


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  GRAYSON, Wanda; CAMPBELL, Madeline M.

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  NEWMAN, Iva Mae Hunter

Link: Vitall Records:   50th Anniversaries:  Albert & Helen Harris


Link:  Photo Page - Locations:  Ritz Theatre;  MARY ALLEN COLLEGE

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:    PRIDGEN, Benjamin Franklin & Lucy Alice Wright;  PYLE, Herbert Almore & Roxie Cordelia Burran

08-26-2008 Link:  Biography Page L-Z:      RATCLIFF, Jesse H.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  ECKELS, Mildred Presnall Morrison

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  LUNSFORD, Dan

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   SMITH, Bonnie Patton




Link: Cemetery Index: Glenwood Cemetery:  Historical Markers pictures;  Submitted by:  George Cook

Link: Cemetery IndexEvergreen Memorial Park A-C; Cook Plot Marker; Cook, George Loch;  Cook, John Smith; Cook, Louis Cook, Minnie Thompson; Cook, Nellie Submitted by:  George Cook


Link: Cemetery Index: Glenwood Cemetery:  File showing Location, Plot, Plot Name, Name in Glenwood Cemetery.

Link: Cemetery Index: Glenwood Cemetery: Alphabetical listing of North & South Sectors: Submitted by:  George Cook


Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  JORDAN, Dorothy

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   PUGH, Mildred

08-17-2008 Link:  Photo Index Page:  KING MOTOR COMPANY - Crockett, TX Submitted by:  Carolyn Williams Freeman
08-16-2008 Link: Home Page Early Business in Houston County - pictures


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  CROSS, Linnie Faye

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  MONEY, Billy Martin KEEN, John

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   RUIZ, Juanita

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:    MASSENGALE, Humphry Burk & Elenor Crowson; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough

Link:  Biography Page A-K:    JULIAN, William Daniel 'Dan' & Lois Miller


Link:  Photo Index Page:  Trinity River Ferry & Lock and Dam - New Pictures added....

Link:  Biography Page A-K:  COVINGTON, Tom E.

Link:  Photo Page-People Clarence G. "Rooster" SteedW.W. "Uncle Billy" Aiken; Edgar Dixon & Johnny Hale


Link:  Biography Page L-Z:     McCLAIN, William Zedekiah & Rhoda Watson

Link:  Photo Page-People Kennard, TX 1914 Dailey's Cotton GinMary Aldrich

08-12-2008 Link:  Photo Index Page:  Trinity River Ferry & Lock and Dam


Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   SULLIVAN, John Calvin & Alma Kimble Sallas;  KNOX, Franklin Pierce & Malissie Standley

Link:  Photo Page-People John Calvin Sullivan and Alma K. Sallas SullivanFranklin Pierce Knox and wife, Malissia Standley


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BENNETT, Roma Stansel; BRYANT, William LeonGRAHAM, Noble Ray "Bud"

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  MAYHUGH, Arbon J. "A.J."

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   WOOLLEY, Charlie Thomas "C.T."

08-07-2008 Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   SULLIVAN, Samuel D. & Lucinda Spivey


Link: Antioch Cemetery - Lovelady:  Cemetery listings updated: Submitted by: Alice Jones

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:  LIPSCOMB, William Chiles & Sinai Edding


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  FRENCH, Eva Person

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  LEE, Robert D.

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   WHITE, Alma Holliday

Link:  Biography Page A-K: CALLISON, Sr., Samuel E. & Martha C. Yarbrough;  Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough



Link:  Biography Page A-K:  DILLARD, Dr. Rush Eli & Nannie Lee Wright

Link: Obituaries Page A-G:   GIBSON, Norman

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   WILSON, Robert Lee "Babe"

Link: Photo Page-People:   Johnson Lundy Arledge


Link: Evergreen Memorial Park headstones:   NICHOLS, Andrew Colvin "A. C.";   NICHOLS, Gertrue E. (Johnson);

NICHOLS, Nancy Clara (Bryson);;   NICHOLS, Oscar B.


Link: Glenwood Cemetery:   Entrance Picture;

Headstone photo's:

BURTON, David Lacy; b: 6-27-1827; d: 8-27-1900

DEUPREE, W. L.; b: 2-18-1861; d: 9-25-1904

DOUGLAS, Charles E.; b: 4-4-1848; d: 3-1-1883

DOUGLAS, Mary Collins (wife); b: 7-7-1842; d: 5-13-1925

DOUGLAS Plot Photo - Bird cage burial cover

DOWNES Plot Monument


FOSTER, Mason G.; b: 2-28-1866; d: 5-15-1902

FREZELLE, Etta Lee Dupree; b: 1876; d: 1945

FREZELLE, Homer E.; b: 1874; d: 1961

HAIL, Benjamin E.; b: 8-20-1845; d: 6-23-1915

HAIL, Mary H. Smith; b: 7-1-1825

SIMS,  J. D., Jr. "Denman"; b: 9-17-1888; d: 9-10-1936

SIMS,  Robert Mercer; b. 5-20-1920; d. 10-9-1987

SIMS,  Vina Smith; b: 5-18-1887; d: 1-23-1973


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BURTON, Billy Royce

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  LUEDKE, Billy

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   SPEAKER, George Phillip


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  BARNETTE, John Edward GRAHAM, Eunice

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HARKINS, William Clifford HOLSEY, Barry

07-19-2008 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  EASLEY, Thomas


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:   ATKINSON, Willie Mae

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   ROBY, Harold Lloyd;   SMITH, Iva B.

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:   MOORE, George Walker & Rebecca Easley

07-17-2008 Link:  Cemetery Page A-K:  Easley Cemetery: additional information and pictures added; Pictures submitted by: Ross Richardson, Jr.
07-15-2008 Link:  Biography Page A-K:  KENNEDY, John Chester & Mary P. Massengale

Link:  Photograph Page:  G.W. STEED HOME - KENNARD, TX AREA

07-14-2008 Link: Articles, Publications, Stories, etc.:  Grapeland, TX - a history of the development of the city of Grapeland.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:  CHRISTIAN, Evelyn Joyce

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:  RAMSEY, Robert LeeRUSSELL, Richard Thomas, Sr. SPINKS, Lawrence Carroll 'Snuffy'

Link:  Biography Page A-K:  CROWSON,  Aaron & Ruhamia Lovelady; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:   CANADAY, Louise Smith CLARK, Nannie Lou

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HELM, Roger Irvin KENT, Dan Gentry

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   WILSON, Reece Mell

07-04-2008 Link: Obituaries Page A-G:    ARDS, Carl B., Jr.


Link: Obituaries Page A-G:   GERICK, Jane

Link: Obituaries Page H-N:  HACKETT, Quincy Thomas 'Dud', Sr.;   MONK, W.A., Jr.

Link: Obituaries Page O-Z:   OLIVER, James Durward

Link:  Biography Page L-Z:  MORROW, William & 1. Margaret Foreman, 2. Ruhamia Crowson; Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough