Front Row l/r: F.H. Bayne, B.F. Holcomb, I.A. Daniel, George Morgan Waller, & E.B.Hale

Back row l/r: A.W. Philips, John C. Lacy, R.J. Spence, & O.B. Hale.

JAMES MADDEN was elected the first sheriff in September 1837 and served until the end of 1838 when he resigned.
MARTIN A. WALKER was appointed on January 1, 1839 and served until September 14,1839 but this is not in the State Election Register.
ANDREW E. GOSSETT was elected on September 14,1839 and served until April 18, 1840.
JOHN S. MARTIN was elected on April 18,1840 and served until February 6,1843.
JOSEPH R BURNETT was elected on February 6,1843; re-elected February 3,1845 and served until  July 13,1846.
CYRUS H. RANDOLPH was elected on July 13, 1846; re-elected Aug 7,1848 and served until August  5, 1850.
JAMES T. HEFLIN was elected on August 5,1850 and served until August 2,1852.
FRANKLIN D. BODENHAMER was elected on Aug 2,1852 and served until Aug 7,1854.
WASHINGTON M. JONES was elected on August 7,1854 and served until Aug 4,1856.
  JOHN S. ODELL was elected on August 4,1856 and served until August 2,1858.
  WILSON E. HAIL was elected on August 2,1858 and served until August 6, 1860
  JOHN SLAIN was elected on August 6,1860 and served until August 4,1862.
  SAMUEL B. LACY was elected on Aug 4,1862; re-elected Aug 1, 1864 and served until August 7, 1865.
JOSEPH A. WRIGHT was appointed on August 7,1865 by Governor A. J. Hamilton and served until June 25,1866.
JAMES T. HEFLIN was elected on June 25, 1866 and served until February 3, 1869 when he was removed by General Canby's Special Order # 26.
  J. BENNETT was appointed on February 3,1869 by General Canby's Special Order# 26 but failed to qualify.
  JOHN H. BOSICK was appointed on March 8,1869 by General Canby's Special Order # 55 but failed to qualify.
JOHN F. RAMSDALE was appointed on May 4, 1869 by General J. J. Reynolds'  Special Order # 105 but resigned on General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order #304 on December 28,1869.
E. L. DORSETT was appointed by General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order # 304 on December 28, 1869; was elected Decernber 3,1869 (no reason given for date  discrepancy) and served until October 20.1870 when he resigned.
  E. B. DWYER was appointed on October 31, 1870 and served until November 8, 1872.
  J. L. SHERIDAN was elected on November 8,1872 and served until February 15,1876.
  F. H. BAYNE was elected on February 15, 1876; re-elected November 2,1880, November 7,1882, November 4,1884 and served until November 2, 1886.
  F. HOLCOMB was elected on November 2,1886 and served until November 6, 1888,
F. H. BAYNE was elected a second time on November 6,1888; re-elected  November 4,1890 and served until November 8, 1892. Sheriff Bayne served a  total of fourteen years, seven months and fifteen days, the longest total time in the history of the county.
I. A. DANIEL was elected on November 8,1892 and served until November 6, 1894.
GEORGE M. WALLER was elected on November 6, 1894 re-elected November 3, 1896 and served until November 8. 1898.
E. B. HALE was elected on November 8,1898; re-elected November 6,1900, November 4,1902 and served until November 8,1904,
  A.W. PHILLIPS was elected on November 8, 1904 and served until November 6,1906.
  JOHN C. LACY was elected on November 6,1906; re-elected November 3,1908 and served until November 8, 1910.
  A. W. PHILLIPS was elected a second time on November 8, 1910; re-elected Nov 5,1912 and served until November 3,1914.
  R. J. SPENCE was elected on November 3, 1914; re-elected November 7, 1916, November 5, 1918 and served November 2, 1920.
  0. B. HALE was elected on November 2,1920; re-elected November 7,1922, November 4,1924 and served until January 1,1927.


  James Lawson "J. L.." HAZLETT was elected on November 2,1926; re-elected November 6,1928, November 4,1930, November 8,1932 and served until January 1, 1935.


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  ARCHIE L. MAPLES was elected on November 6,1934; re-elected November 3,1936 and served until January l939.
  E. H. BAKER was elected on November 8,1938; re-elected November 5,1940 and served until January 1, 1943.
   W. W. McCONNELL was elected on November 3,1942; re-elected November 7,1944, November 5,1946 and served until January 1, 1949.

     LLOYD LACY LOVELL was elected on November 2,1948; re-elected November 7,1950, November 4,1952, November 2, 1954, November 6, 1956 and served until January 1, 1961. Sheriff Lovell died in January 1979 at the Crockett Hospital




  J. B. LIVELY was elected on November 8, 1960; re-elected November 3, 1964 and served until December 1967 when he resigned.
F. M. BROWN was appointed on December 22,1967 and served until January 1, 1969.
BEN D. MONK was elected on November 5,1968 and served until January 1, 1973.
MORRIS MINTER was elected on November 7, 1972; re-elected November 2,1976, November 4,1980, November 6,1984 and served until October 28,1985 when he died. Sheriff Minter was born March 28,1921 in Houston County, Texas and was  a U. S. Navy veteran of World War II.
  CLAUDIE KENDRICK was appointed on November 4, 1985; was elected on November 8, 1988 and served until 1992.  Sheriff Kendrick was born August 25, 1934 and had been a lawman thirty-three years.


    JAMES O. "Jimbo" RAINS served 1992 - 2002.  He had previously worked for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and had  served as a Deputy Sheriff for both Sheriff Morris Minter and Sheriff Claudie Kendrick.  Sheriff Rains was born in Houston County.