1899 - 1943


PERCILLA TEXAS --- This rural community, six miles northeast of Grapeland in north central  Houston County, was named after prominent early settler Senor Jose Maria Procella.  Procella applied for a grant of a league of land at Nacogdoches in 1828.  In 1830, he sold the land to Martin Murchison.  Poastal officials misread the name as Percilla and the town retained the altered spelling.

The Fitchett family donated land for a school and a  church, and a school was established aobut 1899 taught by a man named Mr. Holland.  It was later moved across the road to land donated by John C. Daniels and is the site of a Community Center.  The percilla school consolidated with Grapeland in 1943.

Submitted by: Martha Yates Vandver