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This list of Houston County related books and papers should be made as complete as possible.  

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Houston County Historical Commission
401 E. Goliad Suite #203
Crockett, Texas 75835

Phone: 936.544.3255
E-mail:  hchc@co.houston.tx.us

Houston County Historical Marker book has been published:



 "A tribute to Eliza Bishop."

97 pages of county historical markers.

$12 postage $1.75.




Marty Cash

MartyCash@msn.com  -  Phone: 936-636-9139

Lovelady, Texas Centennial

1872 ~ 1972   

Contact:  MartyCash@msn.com  -  Phone: 936-636-9139

Houston County 175th birthday coin is $7 & $10.
These will make great Christmas gifts. Buy yours at Court House Annex, HCHC office 1st. floor, second door on right. Call HCHC office 936-544-3255 Ext. 238. or Marty Cash 936-636-9139


History of Houston County Texas 1687-1979 (Reprint)



Houston County Historical Commission, 1998

* NEW HOUSTON COUNTY CEMETERIES - computer printout - Roy Smith, 2006

HONORABLE MEN, GRAPELAND LODGE #473 - Cleon Salmon, 1994


* NEW HOUSTON COUNTY CEMETERIES:  A computer database printout of cemeteries in Houston County, Texas. This printout is alphabetical by surname with about 1,200 pages and is up-to-date as of the week it is printed. The printout comes in a four-inch binder. Cost is $70 postpaid.


This information is also available on CD with the names listed in  alphabetical order.  


Houston County Historical Commission
401 E. Goliad Suite #203
Crockett, Texas 75835

Phone: 936.544.3255
E-mail:  hchc@co.houston.tx.us


These are known publications of interest to Researchers with ancestors in or around Houston County.

If data is not given on availability, then I do not know if the books are still in publication, where a copy might be viewed, etc.  I am listing the books so that you will know of their existence and can try to obtain a copy of those you need for your research.  But it is a good idea to always check with the HOUSTON COUNTY HISTORICAL COMMISSION.



    History Of HOUSTON COUNTY, TEXAS 1687-1979 (Reprint)

available now from the Houston County Historical Commission

Houston County Historical Commission
401 E. Goliad Suite #203
Crockett, Texas 75835

Phone: 936.544.3255
E-mail:  hchc@co.houston.tx.us



     In 2004, the First Presbyterian Church of Crockett, TX, celebrated its 150th anniversary.  As a part of the celebration, the Anniversary Committee proposed a project of copying and transcribing the old church records for publication.  As time went on, more and more records and information were discovered, and finally, THE BOOK has gone to the printer - a 3-volume set, hardback, 1760+ pages, every-name indexed.  There are registers, pastoral notes, marriages, baptisms, funerals, church minutes, and other records from the First Presbyterian Church and from over 47 small churches, most no longer in existence, in Houston County and surrounding counties.  It provides a glimpse into the life of early East Texas, as well documenting many events in the lives of its residents, both Presbyterians and other denominations.
     PRESBYTERIANS OF HOUSTON COUNTY AND BEYOND:  CHURCH RECORDS AND DOCUMENTS FROM 1838 TO 2004,  compiled and edited by Bettie W. Sarver and Rev. Jim Tom Ainsworth, is being printed in a limited quantity and will sell for $165.00 (plus shipping) per set. 

For information about the book or about ordering, please contact Bettie Sarver at bwsarver@gmail.com or Jim Ainsworth at jtains@nctv.com



CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS OF HOUSTON COUNTY, TEXAS by Kathryn Hooper Davis & Carolyn Reeves Ericson

Gives dates of birth, death, marriage, where buried, parents (if known), service record, pension applications, and sources for each entry.

This volume contains 346 pages in library binding, full name index, and sells for $40.00 plux 8.25% sales tax and $4.00 shipping and handling.


1614 Redbud Street

Nacogdoches, Texas




"Mr. Claude" by Ada Morehead Holland

James Allen sent the following description of this book: "It is a biography of Mr. Claude Kennedy and his family.  The book parallels the timber industry, sawmills and the sawmill life of a real and probably typical sawmill family in the early 1900's in East Texas." 

Both the Kennedy's and Allen's referred to in this book and at least a portion of their families were lifelong residents of Crockett and Houston County, TX.


Houston County Cemeteries (Texas)
Compiled by Preservation Committee of the Houston County Historical Commission, 1977. The Walsworth Publishing Company Printers, Marceline, Missouri. *Note*There have been several other editions of Houston County Cemeteries published.


Records of Glenwood Cemetery
Major Jarrell Beasley Chapter of the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1972. Chairmen: Mrs. Nannie Smith English.


The Edens Adventure
Arthur H. Hall & others, pub. by Edens Family Association, 1992, a history of the ancestry and descendants of John Edens (1783, VA - 1857, Houston Co., TX). Edens immigrated to Texas/Mexico in 1831 & settled near Augusta, Houston Co., TX. Copy in the library at Crockett.

Elijah Gossett: Texas Pioneer
Dorothy Gossett Jones, 1995.
Inquiries to: Dorothy Gossett Jones 205 West Highline Dr., Deer Park, TX 77536-4057.


McLean Papers & Nelms and Mainer Store Ledger, Houston, Co., Texas
Major Jarrell Beasley Chapter of the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1985.


Masters Family History
1994, compiled by Maxine Powell, 200 Skyview Dr., Kerrville, TX 78028.


A History of the Rice Family
197? Evelyn Rice Corley. Also contains Masters, Grounds, Sepmoree, Monk, Beeson, Edwards, and others.


Houston County Histories


Crockett Newspapers 1853-1896  Bebe Beasley Ulrich. Publications Development Company of Texas.
(Excerpts from the newspapers containing excerpts and obits)


Early Churches of Crockett, Houston Co., Texas
1977. Major Jarrell Beasley Chapter of the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution,
Compiled by the Genealogical Records Committee, Mrs. Harry McLean and Mrs. J.B. Dodd. (Includes records of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Christ 1850-1861 with records of slave services and baptisms, Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1st Presbyterian Church, Concord Presbyterian Church 1877-1901, 1st Christian Church, 1899-1987, 1st United Methodist Church, 1839-1987, 1st United Methodist Church Stained Class Windows)


by Gifford White. Lists of early settlers and their land grants.
Ericson Books, 1614 Redbud Street, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961-2936


History of Houston County, Texas: 1687-1979
Compiled and edited by History Book Committee of Houston County Historical Commission, 3rd Floor, Court House, Crockett, TX., Heritage Publishing Company, Tulsa, OK.


The History of Houston County, Texas
Together with biographical sketches of many pioneers and later citizens of said county, who have made notable contributions to its developments and progress. 1943. Armistead Albert Aldrich Naylor Co., San Antonio, Texas.


Houston County Heroes and Heroines
Houston County Historical Commission, 1981. via Texas Heritage Project.


Houston County in the Civil War
1981. Thomas Nelms Mainer (collation of articles written for the Crockett Courier in 1961-1962, plus muster rolls of Houston Co. units and an alphabetized list of CSA veterans in Houston County cemeteries. Houston County Historical Commission. Published by Publications Development Company of Texas Box 1075 Crockett, TX 75835


Lovelady, Texas Centennial: 1872-1972
Editors Eva John Barbee and Ella Francis Dodd (History, Churches, Schools, Hotels, Evergreen Cemetery, Post Office, Veterans, Lodges, Clubs, Industries, Transportation, Sports and Amusements, Family Histories)


Mini-History of Houston County, Texas
Eliza H. Bishop, Houston Co. Historical Commission, 1986.


Transcribed by Kathryn Hooper Davis. 386 pages, spiral binding; full transcription, but index to heads of households, only. $40.00 Ericson Books, 1614 Redbud Street, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961-2936


Old Homes of Houston County, Texas
1983. Nancy Marcus Land, editor. Publications Development Company of Texas P.O. Box 1075 Crockett, TX 75835 (409)544-5137 $35.00


A Pictorial History of Houston County, Texas - SOLD OUT
Compiled by Bassett Keller, Miss Eliza Bishop, Mrs. Nina Craig, Mrs. Lillian Gibson, Mrs. Wilma Bishop. 1995. Houston County Courier 102 S. 7th Crockett, TX 75835