Halls (Hall's) Bluff is on the Trinity River twelve miles west of Crockett in western Houston County. It was established in the early 1850s and named for Joshua James Hall, an early settler who opened a warehouse and shipping business on the river.

The community became one of the main stopping points for steamboats hauling cotton down the Trinity and goods up from Galveston to Crockett. A post office opened at Halls Bluff in 1852 and operated with several interruptions until the mid-1860s. The town began to decline after the Houston and Great Northern Railroad came to Crockett in 1872.

In the mid-1930s Halls Bluff had a church, a school, and a number of houses. After World War IIqv many of the community's residents moved away, and by the 1960s only a few widely scattered houses remained there. In the early 1990s Halls Bluff was a dispersed rural community.


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Eliza H. Bishop