Vistula is a rural community seven miles northeast of Weldon off Farm Road 3275 in southwestern Houston County.

It was established about 1900 and was probably named for the Vistula River in eastern Europe. A post office opened in 1900, and by 1914 the town had a general store, a cotton gin, a tailor, and a population of twenty-five.

The post office closed in 1918, and the mail was sent to Weldon. In the mid-1930s the small community had a school and a number of houses. The school was later closed, and by the mid-1960s only a church, a cemetery, and a few widely scattered houses remained in the area. No recent population estimates are available.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Houston County Cemeteries (Crockett, Texas: Houston County Historical Commission, 1977; 3d ed. 1987).

Christopher Long