Livelyville, on San Pedro Creek just off Farm Road 228 and four miles northeast of Grapeland in northern Houston County, was first settled by Thomas Lively, his family, and several others in 1850. Lively provided land for the community cemetery between 1855 and the Civil War.

A one-room combination church and school was built in the 1870s; the school was discontinued in 1901. During the mid-1930s the community had a church, a cemetery, and a number of houses. Livelyville was included in the Grapeland Independent School district in 1938.

After World War II many of its residents moved away, and by the early 1990s only a church, a cemetery, and a few widely scattered houses remained in the area.

The Texas Historical Commission placed a state historical marker, honoring the community's earliest residents, in the cemetery in 1982. Descendants of Lively and other families continued using the cemetery in the 1980s.

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Christopher Long