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First National Bank of Crockett

$20 dollar bill

Purcell Grocery:


location San Jacinto St, Crockett.  Identified: B.R. Purcell, Sr., B.R. Purcell, Jr., Mr. Dickey.

Ritz Theatre


Corner of E. Houston Ave. & 7th Street,

Crockett, TX


Located on what is called "College Hill" ... N. 4th St., Crockett, TX.  School for Black girls, opened in 1886.

Courthouse Christmas scenes....
Decorations by Juanita Brenner and her helpers.
Mrs. Sam Houston homeHome of Mrs. Sam Houston, Independence, Washington Co., TX; after the death of Sam in 1863, his widow Margaret Lee moved to this house with 7 of her 8 children.  She died of yellow fever in December 1867.
First Baptist Church, Crockett, TX - before buring in the 1940'sFirst Baptist Church - Crockett, TX
This church burned in the 1940's... it was located on the north corner of the East Houston Ave. and 7th street.  The Central Baptist Church located on that location is part of this old church.
Parade in Crockett, TX
Looking north up 4th Street from the courthouse square

Painting of the courthouse and public square.

About 1883 scene

South side of the square ... Goliad Street.  Looking from east to west.

Mrs. Dave A. Nunn, Sr., widow of Crockett's first mayor, with Mariah at the rear of the Nunn mansion built in the 1880's.  The rear of the house opened on Main (present day E. Goliad) & the front opened on Public (currently E. Houston)

Close look at the rear entrance of the Nunn home and Mrs. Dave Nunn, Sr. and Mariah.





1908 - Northeast intersection of Public Avenue and E. Houston Ave. looking south.  The First Natl. Bank is on the south side with E. Goliad Street running in front and S. Fifth Street running south beside the bank.

Looking west on Crockett's Public Avenue in 1900.  Public Avenue became Houston Avenue in 1937.




Wagon Yard - Crockett, Houston Co., TX


Located where the present day Crockett Post Office is located.

T.D. Craddock home located on Public Avenue in 1896.  The present location is in the 1100 block of East Houston Avenue.



View of Crockett in 1950 taken above the roof of the Ritz Theatre on E. Houston Ave..  The First United Methodist Church is in the foreground on E. Goliad.  The McConnell house is where the present day Crockett Bank is located.

Interior of John McConnell & Sons, (Daniel & R.E.), Hardware in 1888.  Operated on the west side of Public Square on LeGory Street.  Present day location; corner of W. Goliad & S. Fourth streets.


San Francisco de los Tejas Mission Park - founded in 1690, located about twenty miles east of Crockett, Houston Co., TX, near the community of Weches. Click picture to view more photo's of this building.



Stagecoach Inn

Location: 5 miles east of the square on Hwy 21, built on by Joseph Redmond Rice in 1828.  The site was located on the "King's Highway" a trade route established in the 1700's from French Louisiana to Spanish Texas. In 1838, it became known as the Stagecoach Inn providing lodging to those traveling the trade route.

Strode-Pritchett Log Cabin 

Believed to have been built in the 1850's.  Used for hay storage until 1973; the cabin was given to the Houston County Historical Commission who had it restored.




Davy Crockett Spring

Located at the site believed to be the place where David Crockett camped beside a spring on his journey to the Alamo.  The plaque reads: Which marks the camp site of the famous Texan on his historic journey to the Alamo where he paid the supreme price for Texas Liberty.  "Be Sure You Are Right, Then Go Ahead."


The Old Train Depot - now the site of the Houston County Visitors Center Museum.




Foster Home

Location:  North Seventh St., Crockett

John R. Foster bought this house in 1884 and remodeled it in 1900 into the two-story wooden structure, rounded out with large front porch, has been the scene for much of Crockett's social life.

Downes-Aldrich House

The Historic Downes-Aldrich house was built in 1893, it was accorded an Official Texas Historical Medallion in 1972 and was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places in 1978.


J.G. Waller Home

Location: South 7th and Clark

Texas State Historical Medallion #552

Built in 1850 by A.T. Monroe, great nephew of President James Monroe.



R.R. Foley Home

Location: Cedar Hill, Navarro Road, FM Road 229. Built in 1857 by Thomas P. Collins originally from Ireland. He received the land by a Spanish Land Grant.



A Murial Painted on a downtown building of Texas Heroes.




Pickwick Hotel


Crockett, Houston Co., TX

Drawing of the Pickwick Hotel





Crockett - looking west toward square on E. Houston Avenue.




David Crockett tile mural - was located in the Royal Cafe on the square in Crockett, TX



Painting of David Crockett

Twin Oaks Motel - 1950's

Crockett, TX





Statue of local blues legend - Lightnin' Hopkins

He performed primarily during the 40's, 50's, and 60's and enjoyed a resurgence of fame from the late 1970's until his death in 1982.  Hopkins was memorialized with a statue on Crockett's Camp Street, where he played as a kid and performed for tips in a barber shop and feed store.

Trade token:

Kennedy Bros. - Grapeland, TX










Texas Home of Gen. Sam Houston