Thirty-Fifth (Likens') Texas Cavalry

Contributed by:  William Bozic


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Contributed by William Bozic

Two Texas cavalry regiments bore the numerical designation of the Thirty-Fifth cavalry. To distinguish one from the other, the name of the unit's commanding officer is usually shown following the numeric designation.

The Thirty-Fifth (Likens') Texas Cavalry was organized in late 1863 by the consolidation of two Texas cavalry battalions, Likens Texas Cavalry Battalion and Burns' Texas Cavalry Battalion. The unit was organized at Galveston and Hempstead, Texas.

More detailed information has been found on eight of the regiment's companies. This material is listed below.

"A" men from Houston County

"B" men from Jefferson County

"C" men from Hopkins County

"D" men from Hopkins County

"E" men from Eutaw, Limestone County and northwest Robertson County

"F" men from Cherokee County

"G" men from Upshur County

"H" men from Smith County

"I" men from Cherokee County

Like almost all Civil War Units, the Thirty-Fifth (Likens') Texas Calvary was often known by an alternate designation derived from the name of its commanding officer. Unofficial names of this type used by or for the regiment are listed below.

James B. Likens' Cavalry

James R.Burns' Cavalry

William A. Wortham's Cavalry

William W. Dawson's Cavalry

Gustave Warren's Cavalry

John S. Irvine's Cavalry


Soon after being mustered into Confederate service, the regiment was reported serving in the Trans-Mississippi Department. The unit served in that command and in the Army of Trans-Mississippi throughout its career. The list below identifies the specific higher command assignments of the regiment.

Dec. 31, 1863 First Brigade, First Division, Eastern Sub- District, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department

Jan. 31, 1864 Cavalry, Camp near San Bernard, Eastern Sub- District, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Trans-Mississippi Department

Sept. 30, 1864 Fourth Texas Cavalry Brigade, Second Texas Cavalry Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Trans-Mississippi

The Thirty-Fifth (Likens') Texas Cavalry participated in a number of various type engagements during its career. The list below identifies these. Numbers after the events locate them on the following map.

Operations against Reconnaisance on Matagorda Peninsula, Tex. (1) Jan. 21 - 25, 1864

Operations against Banks' Red River Campaign, La. March 10 - May 22, 1864

Skirmishes, Monett's Ferry (2) and Cloutersville (3), La. March 30, 1864

Action, Natchitoches, La. (4) March 31, 1864

Skirmish, Crump's Hill, Piney Woods, La. (5) April 2, 1864

Skirmishes, Bayou de Paul (Carroll's Hill) (6) near Pleasant Hill (7), La. April 8, 1864

Battle, Sabine Cross Roads (8), Mansfield (9) near Pleasant Hill (7), La. April 8, 1864

Engagement, Pleasant Hill, La. (7) April 9, 1864

Engagement, Monett's Ferry (Cane River Crossing), April 23, 1864

Skirmishes, Bayou Rapides Bridge and McNutt"s Hill., Alexandria (10), La, April 26, 1864

Skirmishes, Red River Road, La. May 3-7, 1864

Skirmish, Boyce's Plantation, La. May 6, 1864

Skirmish, Wells Plantation, La May 6, 1864

Operations against Retreat from Alexandria (10) to Morganza (11), La. May 13-20, 1864

Action near Moreauville, Bayou de Glaze, La. (14) May 17,1864

Engagement, Yellow Bayou, Bayou de Glaze (14) Wood's Plantation (Old Oaks), La. May 18,1864

Operations against Expedition from Morganza (11) to the Atchafalaya (15), La. May 30 - June 5 1864

Skirmish, Williamsport, La. (16) Sept. 16, 1864

Operations near Morganza, La. (11) Sept. 17 - 25, 1864

Skirmish, Atchafalaya Bayou, La. (15) Sept. 17, 1864

Skirmishes, Bayou Alabama and Morgan's Perry, La. Sept. 20, 1864

Skirmish, Atchafalaya Bayou, La.(15) Sept. 20,1864

Skirmish near Morganza, La. (11) Sept. 21,1864

Operations against Scout from Bayou Goule (17) to the Grand River (18), La.

Jan. 29 - Feb 1865


Skirmish, Richland Plantation, La. Jan. 30,1865

In mid-February, 1865, the Thirty-Fifth (Likens') Texas Cavalry was ordered to Beaumont, Texas. The unit remained on duty there for the rest of its career. Although officially included among the Confederate Trans-Mississippi troops surrendered at Galveston on June 2, 1865.


A Brief History of the 35 TX Cavalry, CSA

Submitted by Lars Gjertveit

In 1863, James B. Likens (former commander of the short-lived 6th Texas Infantry Battalion) organized a cavalry battalion in the Western Sub-District. On October 23, 1863, his battalion was consolidated with James R. Burns' battalion and designated the 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry Regiment. The regiment served in the lower Rio Grande Valley until March 1864, when called to Louisiana. According to my sources, the 35th was attached to Brig. General. Hamilton P. Bee's brigade, but was not engaged at Mansfield (in reserve). To fill vacancies after heavy casualties at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, the cavalry was reorganized into two divisions under Bee and James P. Major. The 35th Texas ended up in Arthur P. Bagby's Brigade of Bee's division, and joined in the pursuit of Banks' forces in the Red River Valley. Bee was relieved from command on May 14. In late fall of 1864, the 35th Texas was pulled back to Texas, and dismounted in March 1865. The regiment apparently disbanded at Harrisburg about May 27, 1865. (Thanks to Lars Gjertveit of the European camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for this information)


Pension application of John Hale

My great-great grandfather, John Hale served in the 35th Texas Cavalry. In 1923, his widow, Clementine Barbee Green Hale filed and was granted a widow's pension from the state of Texas. The following information is taken from that pension. There is a spelling variation for LIKEN/LACKEN.

8. In what State was your husband's command originally organized?

Texas,. Parts of yrs '63 amd '65

9. How long did your husband serve? About 18 months

10. What was the name or letter of the company, or number of the battalion, regiment or battery in which your husband served?

William WHITE organized Company. Jno. JONES was Captain. Company A. Lacken's Regiment. Never transferred.

The application for Widow's Pension required the affidavits of two credible witnesses to testify to the deceased husband's service.

J.W. GOODWIN's affidavit

I served in Jone's Co. with Mr. John Hale during '63-64. I knew at one time when he was mustered in and mustered out. But my memory fails me now. I am the only surviving member of Jones Co. that I have any knowledge of.

J.K. JONES affidavit

"My name id J.K. Jones. I am 71 years of age. I am the son of Capt. John JONES deceased; I have lived in Houston County Texas all my life, having been born in said county; My father was a captain in the Confederate army, being a Capt. of a company that was organized here in Houston County. I well remember all the meetings of the company and many times I went to visit my father in camp; One time I remember that the company was at the Old Shilo Camp Grounds in this County, where they were drilling. I know that John Hale was a member of my father's Company. I well remember seeing him in camp and I know of my own knowledge that Mr. HALE was a Confederate soldier. I cannot remember the No. of the company nor the regiment, I did at one time know all this, as I had my father's papers but they were destroyed when my home burned several years ago.

Affidavit of W.T. HALE

My name is W.T. Hale. I was born and reared in Houston County Texas. John HALE was my brother. He was a Confederate soldier. He enlisted in the army at Crockett. He joined Capt. John Jones company. This company was made up here in Crockett some where about the first of 1863. My brother went on in the army and remained until the close of the war. I remember well when he came home. I saw him many times after he entered the service. I know of my own knowledge that he was in the Confederate army.