Seventh Texas Mounted Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Company H

from Houston Co., TX


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Seventh Texas Mounted Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
Company H from Houston County, Texas
Roster as of September 17, 1861

The following information was submitted by:  Tim Hashaw

This is only one cavalry company and does not include infantry companies, battery companies, etc which also came from Houston County. The roster reflects only those names which started with the outfit in 1861 and does not include later recruits from Houston County as the war progressed. A company was expected to maintain full-size in the aftermath of casualties and there were a LOT of casualties and many new recruits in this regiment. If your veteran from this company is not llisted, it may be because they became a part of the unit later in the war.

Four regiments accompanied Col Sibley in the New Mexico campaign:
2nd Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles
4th Regiment Texas Mounted Vol
5th Regiment Texas Mounted Vol
7th Texas Mounted Vol

In addition to the Houston Co company with the 7th Texas Mounted Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, Houston County also supplied a company for the 4th Regiment, and a company for the 2nd Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles.

Those looking for more information should refer to the source book "The Confederate Army in New Mexico" by Hall, Presidial Press University of Texas, Austin, 1967. It has personal stories of many of these Houston County men.



Adair, Isaac, Capt. age 35
Haley, Charles Q. 1st Lt. age 21
Arrington, B.B. 2nd Lt. age 28
Daniel, James M. 2nd Lt age 38
Miller, William, Orderly Sergeant age 45
Rabun, J.M. Sgt. age 27
Porter, James M. Sgt age 26
George, R.J. Cpl age 32
McKenzie, Asa Cpl age 23
Saxon, A.J. Cpl. age 22
Taylor G.N. bugler age 42
Lago, Silas, bugler age 21


Allen, A.M. age 34
Avery, Thomas G. age 37
Beeson, John age 19
Booker, James age 18
Booker, William age 20
Brown, William age 18
Bruton, Samuel age 23
Calhoun, G.M. age 18
Caraway, B.H. age 24
Carlton, William A. age 25
Cartwright, Thomas age 34
Castron, C.C. age 23 (deserted 1/28/1862 Ft.Bliss)
Cobb, Henry P. age 25
Dickey, D.H. age 20
Dupree, Samuel J. age 26
Fitzgerald, Michael age 21
Gibson, J.H. age 23
Hail, George age 22
Hail, James age 33
Hail, Peter age 18
Harris, Hugh age 21
Harris, L.H. age 24
Hart, J.J. age 18
Hartgraves, Benjamin Green, age 29
Hartgraves, John D. age 18
Hatton, N.J. age 29
Hennis, George W. age 22
Herrod, William L. age 20
Herrod, William F. age 20
Hester, Addison P. age 21
Hester, J.H. age 27
Hill, Edmond age 19
Johnson, J.H. age 19
Johnson, Nathaniel age 35
Kennedy, James A. age 49
Kennedy, J.H. age 23
Kennedy, S.E. age 52
Kirkpatrick, James age 18
Leatherwood, William P. age 37
Long, Hugh age 32
Lusk, George age 18
Mahoney, John age 23
McGuire, J.T. age 22
McMorris, Frank age 22
Milican, Nathan Calvin age 24
Murchison, John R. age 19
Murchison, John W. age 23
Nail, A.B. age 19
Oliver, F.M. age 23
Owens, J.A. age 18
Payne, P.B. age 30
Peacock, George W. age 21
Powell, G.W. age 21
Renfro, W.C. age 24
Richards, H.R. age 26
Sansom, William M. age 21
Saxon, B.F. age 27
Saxon, J.W. age 20
Scarborough, William age 23
Scott, William W. age 25
Shiflett, James G.W. age 23
Shiflett, John Wesley, age 18
Stone, William D. age 28
Stovall, S.M. age 22
Walker, George W. age 20
Walker, Robert P. age 18
Walker, W.M. age 22
White, James D. age 18
Wiggins, George age 19
Wiggins, John H. age 19