Houston County, Texas - Historical Markers


The flag of Houston County was designed by Eliza H. Bishop of the Historical Commission for the county's 1987 Sesquicentennial Celebration.


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Adams, Archie

Aldrich, Armistead Albert

Aldrich, Collin

Alford, George G.

All Saints Episcopal Church

Allen Chapel Community

Allen Seminary, Mary

Antioch Cemetery

Arbor Community


Augusta Cemetery

Augusta Union Church


Bank Building, Early

Beasley Drive

Beasley, John Gordon

Beazley House, Charles Harrison

Beeson-Box Cemetery

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Block House

Bobbitt Cemetery

Bowman, Joseph T.

Box, John A.

Box, Nelson

Box, Thomas

Burton, Isaac Watts

Bynum Cemetery

Cannon-Stanton House

Cedar Branch

Cedar Branch Community School

Cedar Point Church and Cemetery

Center Grove School, Site of

Center Hill

Center Hill Cemetery

Chaffin Cemetery

Clapp, Elisha

Clapp, Elisha

Coltharp Community

Coltharp - Pioneer Settlers of

Conner House, William Preston and

        Rebecca Kate

Cornith Cemetery

Creek Cemetery


Crockett Hotel, Site of the

Crockett Memorial Park, Davy

Crook, George W.

Dailey Community Cemetery

Dailey, Lula Demby

Daniel, Isaac Adair

Davis, Bradford

Denson Cemetery

Denson Homesite and Cemetery

Downes, James Elbert

Downes-Aldrich House

Druso - railroad stop between

       Four-C Mill & Lufkin


Eastham Prison Farm

Edens Cemetery, Balis

Edens Cemetery, John

Edens, Darius H.

Edens-Madden Massacre

El Camino Real

English Cemetery, Jim

English, George

English, James

English, Joshua

Enon Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery


First Baptist Church of Crockett

First Baptist Church of Grapeland

First Baptist Church of Kennard

First Baptist Church-Lovelady

First Christian Church-Crockett

First Christian Church-Grapeland

First Methodist Church

First National Bank of Crockett

First Presbyterian Church Crockett

First United Methodist Church Lovelady

Fleeks, Franklin Columbus


Fodice Community School

Four C Mill


Georgia Camp Baptist Church


Givens Homesite

Givens, Solomon George

Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery (North Sector)

Glover Cemetery, Old

Glover School

Gossett Home, Andrew Edwards

Gossett, Andrew Edwards

Gossett, Elijah

Gossett, Frank Mulder

Grapeland - City

Grounds Cemetery

Guiceland Cemetery


Hagerville Community

Hall Cemetery

Hall, John Lawrence

Hall, Joshua James

Hallmark, Alfred M.

Hallmark, William C.

Hayes Park

Hill, Maxie Gregg

Hiroms, Homesite of Samuel Cartmill

Holley, Albert

Holly Cemetery

Hopewell Community

Houston County

Houston County Courthouse

Houston County, Five Courthouses of

Houston's Mound

Houston-Leon County Coal Co. 


Ivie Cemetery

Jones School House


King, Richard and Rachel Ellis

Latexo - City of

Latexo Baptist Church

LeGory, Augustus

Liberty Hill Community

Lively, Jane Dotson

Livelyville Cemetery

Long, John, (May 7, 1792 - Oct. 17,1859)


Lovelady Evergreen Cemetery

Lowery, Aaron


Mainer, Thomas Nelms

Mayes Property, W. E.

Mayes, William Elbert

McConnell Building, W.V.

McConnell Property, Site of  Robert


McConnell, William Van

McGown, Andrew Jackson

McLean and John Sheridan, Daniel

McLean, William Kyle

Miller, Steward Alexander

Miller-Spinks-Mayes Property

Monroe, Armisted Thompson Mason

Monroe-Crook House

Moore, Harry Frederick

Mt. Pleasant C.M.E. Church

Mt. Vernon


New Energy Cemetery

Newton-Norris House

Nite, John Edward


Oak Grove Baptist Church


Parker Cemetery

Parker, David Alexander

Patton Family Cemetery, Robert S.

Patton, Nat

Patton, William Monroe

Patton-Buchanan Building

Pennington House, Henry Allen

Pine Springs Campground

Plain Community

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Porter Springs Community

Post Oak School


Randolph Community


Ratcliff CCC Camp

Read's Opening

Read's Opening

Reynard Community

Rice Cemetery

Rice Log Cabin, Joseph R.

Rice, Joseph R. and Wille Masters

Rich Building, C. R.

Rockland Cemetery, Church &


Rosenwald School


Salem Cemetery

San Francisco de los Tejas

San Pedro

Santissimo Nombre de Maria, Mission

Sheridan, John and Lucinda Nugent

Shiloh Methodist Church, Old

Smith Brothers

Smith, John T.

Spence-Chamberlain House

Spinks, Rudd Crawford

Spinks-Mayes Building

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church,


Stanton Cemetery

Strode-Pritchett Log Cabin

Stubblefield Church



Tenny, Samuel Fisher

Tunstall, Vicory Barker


Volga Community


Waneta Community


Weches CCC Camp


Weldon Cemetery

Welsey Chapel Church

Wheeler Springs

Wheeler Springs School, Site of

Whitehead Cemetery

Woodard, Franklin Columbus

Woolam, John C.

Wortham, John


Yarbrough, Joseph Randolph


Zion Cemetery, Old