Republic of Texas Tax Rolls

Compiled by

Marion Day Mullins

Re-typed by Peggy Goodwin

Houston County Texas, Tax List, 1838

I found this copy it is on very thin paper, onionskin like paper, I donít know when this was done but it was going to be thrown in the trash and I just couldnít bear to see that happen ÖÖ so I rescued it. It is very hard to read and every effort was made to retype it correctly. The only way I could read it was to make a bunch of copies on a copy machine and make some darker and lighter and pick out the letters.

Peggy Goodwin - March 9, 2003

(*Note - Only one page was found. It is possible that this list is not complete.)

?usel, Rheuben R. (Rusel or Husel or Busel)


Adams, Stephen

Adams, Thos. W.

Adams, W. D. W.

Adams, Wm.

Aldrich, Geo.

Allbright, Jacob

Allbright, Jno.

Allbright, Jno., Junr.

Allbright, Solomon

Allbright, Wm.

Alrich, Collin

Anglin, Adrin

Armstrong, Geo.

Armstrong, Jno.

Ash, Jacob


Barrett, J. B.

Bauge, Alfred

Bennett, Miles

Bennett, Stephen

Bernet, Isaac

Bhous?, Mobley

Bose (?), Nelson

Bose (?), Thos. G.

Bose, Jno.

Bose, Stilwell

Bosques, Jno.

Britt, Nimrod

Brookfield, Wm. C.

Brown, Jas.

Browning, G. W.

Burnett, Joseph P.

Bynum, Jas.


Callison, Jno. G.

Callison, Samíl

Campbell, Chas. C.

Campbell, Matithaill

Carroll, Jno.

Casenove, J. B.

Chapman, Robít D.

Chears, Samíl

Chins (?), Jno.

Clabaugh, Chas.

Clapp, ?

Clapp, Joseph

Collins, Jno.

Conner, Francis

Conner, Wm. N.

Connon, Benj.

Crist, Beason

Crist, Daníl

Crist, Jno.

Crist, Stephen

Crowson, Henry P.

Crowson, Wm. T.

Curry, Humphrey


Davis, ?

Davis, Benj.

Davis, Wm. P

Denson, Jno.

Denson, O.

Denson, Thos.

Dilliard, Wm.

Dixon, ?

Dose (?)/Bose (?) or Rose (?), Jas?

Dose (?)/Bose (?) or Rose (?), R. W.

Doughit, Jas.

Duncan, Geo. H.

Duty, Richard

Dwight, George


Earl (?), Robít

Eason (?), M. J.

Eaton, Richíd

Edens, Darlas

Edens, Jno.


Finch (?), Richíd

Foster, Rufus

Frenary, Jno. B.

Frost, Wm.


Goldman, Henry

Goodwin, Shirley

Gossett, Andrew E.

Gossett, E.

Gossett, Jno.

Gossett, Junius

Gossett, Prutty

Gregg, Jno.

Grigsby, Jno.


H?mes, Wm

Hagor (?), Jno.

Hail, Geo.

Hallmark, David

Hallmark, Geo.

Hallmark, Geo. Jr.

Hallmark, Geo. W.

Hallmark, Jno. B.

Hallmark, Richíd

Hallmark, Wm.

Harris, J. N.

Harrison, Wm. D.

Hatten, Stephen

Hodges, Abie

Hooks (?), Spencer

Horton, J. B.


Isaacs, Geo.


Johnson, Francis

Jones, L. B.


Keer, Bird

Kellion, Goodwin

Kellion, Wm.

Kenneda, Stephen

Kingannon (?)/Ringannon (?),Jesse


Lagrew, Thos.

Lawler (?), Sarah

Leak, Geo. W.

Ligon, Wm.

Loid, Daníl

Lopez, Mary

Lumpkin, P.

Lyles, A. N.?


Madden, Jas.

Main, (Hocum)

Marion Day Mullins

Marrow, Jariol (?)

Martin, Jacob, Jr.

Martin, Jacob, Sr.

Martin, Jesse

Martin, Jno.

Masters, Henry

McBride, Wm

McCoy, Jno.

McDonald, W. S.

McKinsey, A.

McKinze, C. T.

McKniver, Neall

McLain or McCain, Hannah

McLain, Wm.

McLaine, Jas.

McLean, Geo.

Mead, M. P.

Mickler, Jacob

Miller, Jno.

Miller, Jno.

Miller, Samuel

Mitchell, Thos. S.

Moncrief, Jno.

Moore, Jno.

Murchison, Martin


Neill, Ephraim

Nelson, Albert A.

Nelson, Chas. N.

Neville, Jas.

Night, J. E.


Parker, Daníl

Parker, Dickison

Parker, Isaac

Parker, Wm.

Parmer, Thos.

Pate, Peterson

Pate, Wm. M? or H?

Patton, Jas.

Patton, Robít

Pinson, Jno. D.

Pool, Amos

Prewit, Levi

Prewit, Martin

Prewitt, Jacob

Prichard, Leon


Redding, Iredell

Renaugh, Elijah B.

Renaugh, Wm.

Rice, Clinton

Rice, Joseph

Rice, Lemuel

Riding, Jno. B.

Riley, Wm.

Roberts, David

Roberts, E. D.

Roberts, Wm.

Robinson, Phinion

Robison, Larkin


Sadler, Wm.

Sharp, G. W.

Sherman, Wm.

Smith, Samíl E.

Stewart, Robít

Stroud, Abraham


Teague, Joseph C.

Thiriden, Lucinda

Thompson, Jesse G.

Tompkins, T. D.

Townsend, Stapleton

Townsend, Thos. B. or R.

Tylor, Edw.


Walker, Jno.

Walker, Martin A.

Walker, Philip

Walling, Joseph

Ward, Jas. S.

Ware, Hardy

Wheeler, Elijah

White, Robít.

White, Stephen

White, Stephen

White, Tilman

White, Wm.

Williams, Isham

Williams, Leonard

Willis, Samíl

Wilson, Daníl

Wilson, Geo. W.

Wilson, Jas.

Wilson, Jon.

Wortham, Jno.


Yarborough, Mathew

Young, Wm



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