Pine Springs Baptist Church

A Bible and a Stick of Wood

By: Suzanne Steed


Pine Springs Baptist Church site is located near Kennard and Foy Town, just off Fm 357. In 1978 church was held on a regular basis. The Church was known for a unique feature not had by most churches of that day. 


When members attended, they not only brought a bible but also a stick of wood as the Church was heated with a wood-burning heater every fourth Sunday during Church services The heater was very efficient and kept everyone warm. Sometimes so warm that it would almost “run-you-out” .

Pine Springs Church had a membership of twenty-two February 8, 1978, with an average of ten members present each time that church was held. Reverend J.S. Walker , from Trinity, was the pastor and had been for 38 years. The oldest member in 1978 and also a deacon of the church was Royal Denman; Effie G. Denman was the secretary. 

The fourth Sunday in July was reserved for the homecoming. Church was held all day on that date, along with dinner on the ground with the chicken and dressing, sweet potatoes, ribs, and peas satisfying the appetite. 

Pine Springs Church, with its “wood-heater’ roaring on cold winter days holds many memories for many people. May long live this church in the memory of the Denmans, Masks, Worthams, Foys and their descendents.