If a person has the curiosity to try “Dowsing” as a technique of locating places and things not seen or locations that existed in the past, these techniques are fun to try.

I became aware of a technique of locating buried pipes.  I learned that two bent coat hangers could be used as a technique for  Dowsing that would locate pipes, metals, some ore, even aluminum foil. I found this does work for some people.  Why some and not others, I do not know.  I just know it works for me. 


Example:  Someone I know got enthusiastic about this technique and buried several silver dollars in their yard and later went back to find them.  Well, unfortunately, the technique did not work for them and they were frantic to get their silver dollars back.  Since I had been the one to tell them about the process, I felt compelled to try and find them, which I did without any difficulty.  As I said, I have no idea why it works for me and not them.


I make dowsing rods by taking two coat hangers, bend them to a 90 degree shape and hold one loosely in each hand pointing forward.  When they pass over a object they will cross.  When you are getting close to something if you start in the wrong direction they will start turning in the right direction.


I now hear that a way to improve them is to take 1/4 inch copper tubing and cutting a strip to slip the part of the rod that would be held in the hand, making a handle for the rod to rotate freely within.


Now I am hearing of a method to find unmarked graves in a cemetery and tell the sex of the person buried there.... following is the description for this and how "someone" thinks it works:

New theory: that by using one rod over a grave (not using the two rods) you can tell if the person buried is a female or a male. This is possible if all of the graves in the Cemetery are facing the same way. There is another advantage of using one rod; it will tell if it is a water pipe, underground water, ditch, or a grave.  You can walk over ground that might contain graves and by using one rod, it will swing for a grave and if it points to the foot, it is a male and if it points to the head, it is a female. If it crosses a pipe or other below ground ditch, etc., it will not move. It is said that if you hold the one rod over your head it will spin counter-clockwise for a female and clockwise for a Male.




I have not tried this new theory.... it will be interesting to try.