Elemon "Peter" Hopkins & Mariah Estelle

Elemon Hopkins

Mariah (Estelle) Hopkins

Mariah (Estelle) Hopkins, born in 1838 in the state of Georgia as a slave, died June 14, 1957 in Crockett, Texas.  At the time of her death, she was the oldest citizen living in the state of Texas.


She was sold as a girl in Georgia, to a family in Texas.  She walked from Georgia to Texas traveling the old Spanish trail.  They cooked on an open fire, eating birds, rabbits and squirrels.  She lived with her slave owner in Houston County, Crockett, Texas, when the town had just a few stores.  She often talked about David Crockett. 


After the Civil War was over, and the slaves were freed, she married Peter Hopkins.  They settled on land off the Pennington Highway ... land lot No. 575.  They built an old log house and planted a large plum orchard.  The plum trees they planted are still growing plums today.  They raised 15 children, 3 girls, and 12 boys.  All of their children are deceased (by 1979) except for one son, Clemon Hopkins.  He lived in California with his children.


1870 Houston Co., TX census:

HOPKINS, Katy, 50, f, b, keep house, born VA

Petter, 19, m, b, farm labor, AL

Patcy, 19, f, b, AL

Robert, 15, m, b, AL

Bryant, 13, m, b, AL


1880 Houston Co., TX:

HOPKINS, Peter, b, m, 30, Farm Labor, AL AL AL

Maria, b, f, 24, GA GA GA

Minty, b, f, 7, dau, TX

Emma, b, f, 5, TX

James, b, m, 3, son, TX

Bud, b, m, 2, son, TX

Peter, b, m, 1, son, TX


1900 Houston Co., TX

HOPKINS, Peter, b. May1855, age 45, married 30 yrs, GA GA GA, farmer

Mariah, wife, May1853, 47, 16children born 13 living, GA GA GA

James, son, Aug1878, 21, s, TX

Peter, son, July1879, 20, TX

Oscar, son, Sept1880, 19, TX

Ireland, son, Apr1885, 15, TX

Solomon, son, Jun1888, 12, TX

Danil, son, Feb1890, 10, TX

Elias, son, Mar1891, 9, TX

Ethel, dau, Apr1892, 8, TX

Clemon, son, May1893, 7, TX


1910 Houston Co., TX

HOPKINS, Peter, Sr, 68, m1x 41yrs, TX TX TX

Marrie, wife, 62, 15 children 9 living, TX TX TX

James, Sr., son, 32, m1x 3 yrs, TX TX TX

Sarah, wife, 22, 1ch born 1 living, TX TX TX

James, Jr., g-son, 1, TX TX TX

Clarence, son, 14, TX TX TX

McKenlue, son, 12, TX TX TX



By: Mrs. Eva L. Barnett

"History of Houston County Texas 1687-1979"