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Thomas Reed "Tom" Brailsford


                                                                                     Generation No. 1

1. Thomas Reed (Tommy) Brailsford, born May 1894 in Pennsylvania; died July 29, 1918 in Missing in Action on June 6, 1918 in Belleau Woods Battle, France declared dead July 29, 1918; Killed in WWI. He was the son of George Brailsford and Sarah Johnson.  He married Merle Haring Abt. 1917 (Thomas R. Brailsford and Merle Haring were married between the time he enlisted in the Marines and his departure for France).  She was born December 1895 in TX. She was the daughter of John G. and Mary C. Haring.

There were no children born to Thomas R. Brailsford and Merle Haring.

More About Thomas Reed (Tommy) Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Thomas R. Brailsford graduated from Texas A&M College in June 1917. He lived in Latexo, TX but enlisted in the Marines the summer of 1917 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. He held a commission as 2nd Lieutenant; he enlisted at Houston and was sent to SC & VA for training.. He had been a student in the Crockett city schools. He was prominent in athletics. He was manager of the Crockett baseball team that toured east Texas.
-- FACT #2 -: Crockett Courier Newspaper-Local News-Aug. 16, 1917: Tom Brailsford, a Houston county graduate from the Texas A&M College is the second lieutenant of a company of United States Marines in Virginia. he received his commission from the A&M College as also did Max Gilfillin, known in Crockett, and who is also a second lieutenant.
-- FACT #3 -: The AMERICAN BATTLE MONUMENTS COMMISSION lists: Thomas R. Brailsford, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps; 6th USMC Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division; Entered the Service from Texas; Died July 29, 1918; Buried at: Plot A Row 08 Grave 36. Buried Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, Belleau, France. The World War I Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial lies south of the village of Belleau (Aisne), France six and one-half miles northwest of Chateau-Thierry. It is a 42 ac. cemetery with the graves of 2,289 American Dead. Most of the American Dead fought in the vicinity and in the Marne valley in the summer of 1918. There is a monument at the flagpole commemorating the valor of the US Marines that captured much of that ground in 1918.

Burial: 1st location Commune of Bouresch in the Dept. of the Aisne; final grave location: grave 36, row 8, block A, Cemetery # 1764... Buried Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, Belleau, Dept. or county Aisne, France.

More About Merle Haring:
-- FACT #1 -: A letter dated 1-8-1919 to Lt. Col. C.C. Pierce, Chief Grave Reg. Svc., A.E.F.: France was sent by the widow inquiring about the death of her husband, Thomas R. Brailsford. Her address was Mrs. Thos. R. Brailsford, 1202 Smith St., Apt. #4, Houston, TX. The 1-8-1919 letter states Lt. Thomas Reed Brailsford was in the 96th Company 6th Regiment, Marines, was reported missing June 6th at Chateau Thierry and later July 29th reported dead but up to her present writing she was unable to get any further info. She also states in that letter that his ident. number was 670.
-- FACT #2 -: A letter from American Expeditionary Forces Hdq. Svc. dated 3-5-1919 states: In reply to your letter of inquiry, with reference to the regretted death of this soldier, according to the records at this headquarters he is buried in the Commune of Bouresches in the Department of the Aisne. This information has not as yet been confirmed by my inspecting officers, but there is very little doubt that the burial took place in the commune above named. The records here show that Lt. Brailsford died July 29th, 1918; and I have written to the Chaplain of his company and you will doubtless hear from him in due course relative to the circumstances surrounding the death of your brave husband. signed Charles C. Pierce, Lieut. Colonel, Q.M.C., U.S.A.
-- FACT #3 -: The form COMPILATION OF DISPOSITON OF REMAINS DATA - file #17780 Marine ... I. Location Index Card: Thomas Reed Brailsford died 7-29-1918 k/a II. Registration Card: (a) grave #29, Plot 1, Sec. S; typ. evs; (b) emerg. Address: Mrs. Thomas R. Brailsford (wife) 1802 Houston Ave., Houston, TX form 840, 2-25-1921. Mrs. Thomas R. Brailsford, wife, Apt. 4, 1202 Smith & Dallas, Houston, TX, requests remains left in France. letter of transmittal on Mar 10, 1921.
-- FACT #4 -: In a letter from the War Dept. 7-29-1929 she states she has remarried. Her name and address is Mrs. Merle Haring Carroone, 2927 P1/2, Galveston, TX.
-- FACT #5 -: Last known address for Merle Haring Brailsford-Carroone was 2927 P1/2, Galveston, TX on July 29, 1929.

                                                                             Generation No. 2

2. George Brailsford, born February 07, 1852 in Sheffield County, West Riding of Yorkshire, England; died February 10, 1919 in Palestine, Anderson Co., TX. He was the son of  John Brailsford and Ellen. He married  Sarah Johnson March 14, 1873 in Christ Church, Pitsmore, Sheffield, England.  (1)Sarah Johnson, born August 1852 in Manchester LAN; died 1901 in Pittsburg, PA. She was the daughter of Andrew Johnson and Eleanor.  He married (2) Willie V. Horton (Mrs. Breuner) after 1910.  She died Aug. 4, 1922 Athens, Henderson Co., TX.

More About George Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Marriage Record: at Christ Church, Pitsmoor ref: PR(M) 101/12 pag.80 entry 159 date Apr. 14, 1873 after Banns (minister: S. Chorlton): George Brailsford, age 21, occ: forgeman, resid: Ellesmere Rd, father: John Brailsford, father's occ: foreman. George Brailsford married to: Sarah Johnson, age 20, resid: Attercilffe, father: Andrew Johnson, father's occ: mechanic: witnesses: John Joseph Bradwell Allcroft and Elizabeth Johnson.
-- FACT #2 -: 1861 Sheffield, UK census George Brailsford with father John and mother Ellen. Siblings are George 9, Fanny 7, John 4, Charlotte 2, and a uncle George age 25 b. Stretton, Derbyshire.
-- FACT #2a -: 1871 Sheffield, England census; 135 Ellesmore Rd, All Saints, Sheffield: John Brailsford, 42, steel manager b. Stretton Derbyshire; Ellen, wife, 40, b.Stretton; George, son, 19, Forgeman, b.Sheffield; John, 14, b. Sheffield; Charlotte 12, b. Sheffield.
-- FACT #2b -: 1880 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA census: George Brailsford, age 28, b. Eng.; Sarah, wife, 27, b.Eng.; John A., son, 6, b. Eng.; Fannie, dau, 4, b. Eng.; George W., son, 9 months, b. PA; John Johnston, bro-in-law, 20, b. Eng, occup. Hammerman, f&m/b Eng.
-- FACT #2c -: 1900 Allegheny Co., PA census: George Brailsford 48 b. England f&m/b England, occup. Hammerman; wife Sarah 47 b. Aug. 1852 England, f&m/b Scotland; children: George W. b. Nov 1879 PA; Sarah b. May 1884 PA; Walter S. b. Mar 1887 PA; Thomas R. b. May 1894 PA.
-- FACT #2d -: 1910 Houston Co., TX census: George Brailsford; age 58; Widow; born England; f&m/b England; Farmer: Walter; son; age 23; single; b. PA; Farm Laborer: Thomas R.; son; age 16; single; b. PA. Living in the household of Geroge Brailsford on the 1910 Houston Co., TX census was: James E. Good, age 38, b. PA; wife Lillian, age 36 b. PA; children; Clifton 16, Helen 10, Mack 6, Glen 4... all born PA.
-- FACT #2e -: George Brailsford’s occupation in PA is listed as Hammerman; his occupation in TX is listed as Farmer or Merchant. There are no listings for BRAILSFORD on the 1920 Houston County, TX census.
-- FACT #3 -: This BRAILSFORD family moved to Texas as part of the Louisiana-Texas Orchard Company. The location was Houston County, TX in city of Latexo, TX. George Brailsford purchased 65 ac. land, a part of the A.E. Gossett 1000 ac. abt. 5 miles N. or Crockett on Dec 11, 1907 as per Houston Co. Records Bk 41 pg 246. Various other land purchases followed this acquisition in Houston County, TX.
-- FACT #4 -: George Brailsford became seriously ill from Septicemia & Gas Bacillus Infection of the leg for 21 days before his death. He was taken to a Palestine, Anderson Co., TX hospital for surgery a few days before his death. He died on Monday Feb. 10, 1919 in the Palestine hospital; his body was removed to his home in Latexo, Houston County, TX and burial was in Glenwood Cemetery, Crockett, Houston Co., TX Feb. 11, 1919. Funeral service was at Crockett by the Masonic Lodge with the Methodist Church pastor assisting. His obituary listed a wife, 2 sons surviving, and 1 daughter surviving him.

Burial: Glenwood Cemetery, Crockett, Houston County, TX

Children of George Brailsford and Sarah Johnson are:
i. John Andrew Brailsford, born November 23, 1873 in England; died May 12, 1883 in Pittsburgh, PA.
ii. Fanny Brailsford, born September 12, 1875 in England; died June 17, 1894 in Pittsburgh, PA.
iii. William Ewart Brailsford, born September 05, 1877 in England; died September 01, 1879 in Pittsburg, PA.
iv. George Washington Brailsford, born November 29, 1879 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died August 28, 1960 in Titusville, PA; married Mary Elizabeth Gerdes November 18, 1902 in PA; born September 1879 in PA.

More About George Washington Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Occupation: Hammerman
-- FACT #2 -: George G. Brailsford moved to Erie, PA after completing college in Pittsburgh, he stayed there until his death.

v. James Abraham Brailsford, born January 29, 1882 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died July 12, 1882 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
vi. Sarah Brailsford, born May 12, 1883 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died January 19, 1931 in Pennsylvania; married Arthur Williams.

More About Sarah Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Sarah Brailsford was married and stayed in PA when her father and two of her brothers moved to Texas after the death of her mother.
-- FACT #2 -: Sarah Brailsford-Williams's address at time of death was 7929 Riverview, Swiftsvale, Pennsylvania.

More About Arthur Williams:
-- FACT #1 -: In an inquiry letter from the War Department dated Oct. 15, 1932, Mr. Williams shows he lives 2227 Delaware Ave., Swissvale, PA. He says the father of Thomas Brailsford died Feb. 1919, Mrs. Brailsford died 1922. He did not know exact dates.

vii. Ellen Brailsford, born November 01, 1885 in Pittsburg, Pa; died August 15, 1886 in Pittsburg, Pa.
viii. Walter Scott Brailsford, born March 02, 1887 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died June 22, 1924 in Harris Co., TX; married Kitty M. Smith September 03, 1913 in Houston Co., TX; born January 31, 1891 in TX; died September 15, 1973 in probably Houston, Harris Co., TX.

More About Walter Scott Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Occupation listed: 1910 Farm Laborer; 1920 Express Man.
-- FACT #2 -: 1920 Anderson Co. TX census - city of Palestine: W.S. Brailsford, age 31 b. PA, parents born England, occupation - Express Man; wife Kitty, age 28, born TX; son George, age 5, born TX. NOTE: age incorrect on Walter; should have been 33.
-- FACT #3 -: Walter Brailsford would not have been required to enlist in WWI. Reg. was of men between the ages of 21 and 30 on June 5, 1917. He had turned 30 in March of 1917.
-- FACT #4 -: Marriage ceremony performed by D.H. Hotchkiss, Minister of Gospel, M.E. Church South, Houston Co., TX. Marriage Record Vol. II pg. 310.

More About Kitty M. Smith:
-- FACT #1 -: A Social Security Death Index shows: Kittie Brailsford b. Jan 31, 1891, died Sep. 15, 1973; last residence 77009 (Houston, Harris Co TX) issued TX.

ix. Ada Brailsford, born 1889 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died 1889 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
x. Ruth Brailsford, born 1891 in Pittsburgh, Pa; died 1891 in Pittsburgh, Pa.
1 xi. Thomas Reed (Tommy) Brailsford, born May 1894 in Pennsylvania; died July 29, 1918 in Missing in Action on June 6, 1918 in Belleau Woods Battle, France declared dead July 29, 1918; Killed in WWI; married Merle Haring Abt. 1917. (Thomas R. Brailsford and Merle Haring were married between the time he enlisted in the Marines and his departure for France).

                                                                                    Generation No. 3

3. John Brailsford, born 1828 in Stretton, Derbyshire, England. He was the son of  William Brailsford and Elizabeth Bridden. He married Ellen ---- Abt. 1850. Ellen ----, was born 1831 in Shirland, England.

More About John Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: According to the IGI of England, this John Brailsford was Christened August 24, 1828 North Wingfield, Derby, England .
-- FACT #2 -: 1851 Sheffield, England census Enum # 2338 414B : John Brailsford, 22, married, b. in Stretton, occup. Smelter; Ellen, 21, married, b. Stretton; Samuel Brailsford, 19, b. Stretton living in this household.
-- FACT #2a -: 1861 Sheffield, England census... lived 53 Saville St., East... with wife Ellen; children, Charlotte,, George, John & Fanny. Also at the same location is George Brailsford b.1831 (brother).
-- FACT #2b -: 1871 Sheffield, England census: 135 Ellesmore Rd, All Saints, Sheffield; John Brailsford; 32; steel manager, b. Stretton Derbyshire; Ellen, wife, 40, b. Stretton Derbyshire; George; 19; forgeman; b. Sheffield; John, 14, b. Sheffield; Charlotte, 12, b. Sheffield
-- FACT #2c -: 1881 Census - Brightside Bierlow, York, England - 155 Elles Road; John Brailsford, age 52, b. Stretton, Derby, England, Steel Meltor; Hellen, wife, age 52, born Stretton, Derby, England.
-- FACT #3 -: The occupation of Smelter is: one who is engaged in melting iron ore, or other metals.

Children of John Brailsford and Ellen ---- are:
2 i. George Brailsford, born February 07, 1852 in Sheffield County, West Riding of Yorkshire, England; died February 10, 1919 in Palestine, Anderson Co., TX; married (1) Sarah Johnson March 14, 1873 in Christ Church, Pitsmore, Sheffield, England; married (2) Willie V. Horton(Mrs. Breuner) Aft. 1910.
ii. Fanny Brailsford, born 1854 in Sheffield, England.
iii. John Brailsford, born 1857 in Sheffield, York, England; married Elizabeth ---- Abt. 1870 in England; born 1854 in Sheffield, York, England.

More About John Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: This census record is believed to be this John Brailsford: 1881 Brightside Bierlow, York, England - 167 Burngreave Rd.: John Brailsford, age 25, b. Sheffield, York, England, occ. Accountant At Steel Works (Clerk); Elizabeth, wife, age 27, born Sheffield, York, England; Ethel, dau., age 10, b. Sheffield, York, England; Elizabeth Thorpe; 16; b. Dore, York, England, relationship Servant; occup. General Servant Domestic.

iv. Charlotte Brailsford, born 1859 in Sheffield, England.

6. Andrew Johnson, born 1821 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He married 7. Eleanor ---- Abt. 1845.
7. Eleanor ----, born 1827 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

More About Andrew Johnson:
-- FACT #1 -: This Johnson/Johnston lineage seems to have first been in Scotland, then into Ireland and moved into Sheffield, England about 1858.
-- FACT #1a -: There is a marriage record in Scotland for a Andrew Johnston and Elinor Jamison married March 24, 1845, Presbyterian, Killinchy, Down, Ireland. UNKNOWN if this is the marriage record for this couple.
-- FACT #2 -: 1861 Sheffield, UK census - Carlisle St. East, Railway Terrace (Brightside; Ecclesiastical Dist: Brightside): Andrew Johnson, 40, metal planer, b.IRL; Eleanor, wife, 34, b.Irl; Hamilton, son, 15, app to engineers tool maker, b. IRL; Elizabeth, dau, 12, b. IRL; Sarah, dau, 9, b. Manchester LAN; John, son, 1, b.Sheffield.
-- FACT #3 -: 1871 Sheffield, England census: 208 High St (Attercliffe) (Ecclesiastical Dist: Christ Church): Andrew Johnson, 51, planer in engine works, b. Edinburgh SCT; Eleanor, wife, 44, b.Edinburgh SCT; Elizabeth, dau, unmarried, 22, dress maker,
b. Salford LAN; John, son, 11, b. Sheffield; Eleanor, dau, 3, b. Sheffield.
-- FACT #4 -: 1881 Census - Attercliffe Cum Damall, York, England - 37 Victoria St.: Andrew Johnson, 62, b. Scotland, Metal Planer; Eleanor, wife, 53, b. Scotland; Eleanor, 13, b. Sheffield, York, England.

More About Eleanor ----:
-- FACT #1 -: Maiden name possibly Jamison.

Children of Andrew Johnson and Eleanor ---- are:
i. Hamilton Johnson, born 1846 in Ireland; married Maria ----; born 1844 in Lancashire, England.

More About Hamilton Johnson:
-- FACT #1 -: 1881 Census - Attercliffe Cum Darnall, York, England - 37 Victoria St: Hamilton Johnson, 35, b. Manchester, Lancashire, England, Occ: Engine Fitter & Turner; Maria, wife, 37, b. Manchester, Lancashire, England; Sarah E., 8, b. Sheffield, York, England; Ernest, 5, b. Sheffield, York, England; Leonard, 4, b. Sheffield, York, England; Horace, 1, b. Sheffield, York, England.

ii. Elizabeth Johnson, born 1849 in Probably Ireland.
3 iii. Sarah Johnson, born August 1852 in Manchester LAN; died 1901 in Pittsburgh, PA; married George Brailsford March 14, 1873 in Christ Church, Pitsmore, Sheffield, England.
iv. John Johnson, born 1860 in Sheffield, England.
v. Eleanor Johnson, born 1868 in Sheffield, England.

                                                                                       Generation No. 4

8. William Brailsford, born June 1791 in Smithy Moor, N. Wingfield, Derbyshire Co., England. He was the son of Samuel Brailsford and Ann Alsebrook. He married 9. Elizabeth Bridden May 17, 1813 in Shirland, England.
9. Elizabeth Bridden

More About William Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: This Brailsford family moved into Sheffield between 1841 and 1851 from Stretton, in Derbyshire, England. The distance from Stretton is less than 20 miles, and the distance from Stretton to North Wingfield is about 3 miles.
-- FACT #1a -: UNCONFIRMED: Documentation - marriage records and birth records that correspond to names, dates and locations for the Brailsford family. It is felt this is the father and mother of John Brailsford, father of George b.1852. These parents have not been confirmed by any record that lists the parents names of John Brailsford. But if this William is the father, then Samuel is the father to William according to records found of this family.
-- FACT #2 -: Probably a number of other children to this family are not listed here.

Children of William Brailsford and Elizabeth Bridden are:
i. William Brailsford, born 1821 in Stretton, Derbyshire, England; married Rebecca ----; born 1825 in Holmgate, Derbyshire, England.

More About William Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: IGI in England shows this William Brailsford Christened May 6, 1821.
-- FACT #2 -: 1851 Sheffield, England census Enum. # 2337 207B: William Brailsford, age 29, married, born in Stretton; Rebecca, age 27, married, born in North Wingfield.
-- FACT #2a -: 1861 Sheffied, England census 3499 33F lived 137 Tudor St., very near brother John Brailsford address: William; age 41, b. Stretton; Rebecca, age 36, b. Holmgate, Derbys.

4 ii. John Brailsford, born 1828 in Stretton, Derbyshire, England; married Ellen ---- Abt. 1850.
iii. Samuel Brailsford, born 1831.

More About Samuel Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Baptized at North Wingfield.

iv. George Brailsford, born 1835.

More About George Brailsford:
-- FACT #1 -: Christened 7-26-1835 at North Wingfield.

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