John Anderson Pierson & Estella Elizabeth Barnett
Submitted by:  Felix Green
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My GG Grandfather Wesley Pearson, his wife Sarah T., and my G Grandfather John Wesley lived in Houston County, TX as a family unit in 1880. In the 1900 Census, John Wesley (head of household) and Adaline (Austin) Pierson and children: Pearl, Jewel, John A. and Bula are listed. John A. and Estella Elizabeth (Barnett) Pierson are married and listed in the 1910 Census. By 1930 John A. and Elizabeth were living in Leon County with nine children. After the death of my grandmother Estella in 1950, John Anderson and his youngest son FCL moved back to Grapeland, Houston County, TX:

Source: Felix Green, President,
San Diego African American Genealogy Research Group

Children of John Anderson & Estella (Barnett) Pierson
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Johnny PiersonJeffrey PiersonAlthia PiersonZummer Pierson
Oneta PiersonEdward PiersonDeon PiersonWillie Louis Pierson
Frank C. L. Pierson

The Strong Saga - Mother Elizabeth and Father John
In a publication "The Pierson/Barnett" the following was written by: Grayson Pierson
"Estella Elizabeth Barnett and John Anderson Pierson met and soon formed a beautiful union of matrimony on December 26, 1909.  This union has produced a very interesting and fruitful history.  From it were born ten children, four girls and six boys:  Jeffery, Johnny, Althia, Zummer Lee, Oneta, Edward, Deon, Willie Louis, FCL and Louise.

Together they trained each one of their children to work at an early age and saw that they had specific responsibilities.  That was a must in that household.  Elizabeth and John were stern and strict parents.  They were also very protective of their children.

Estella Elizabeth was a quiet and lovely person who loved quilting, and cooking.  She raised Chickens, Ducks, and Genies.  She was a good church worker serving on the Usher Board.

John Anderson was a loveable person who was a jack-of-all-trades.  He loved nature and the farmland.  He would sing and play the guitar around the community.  He was a farmer that made syrup for the community, a carpenter, and he was the secretary of his church (Roman Johnson Church).

There are some historical land-marks in the Grapeland, Texas area where a massacre gang had ran the parents out of their home in Slocum.  In the mist of this situation, the massacre gang had messed up John Anderson's leg by hitting him with a tree stump.  As a result they were in hiding for a while.  They had only been married for about 8 months when the riot took place at the end of July in 1910.  Blacks were killed, Blacks were injured, and Grandaddy lost his leg.

This God-fearing training and home atmosphere brought about many favorable and rewarding returns in their offspring in the years that followed.  Some were talented and gifted to sing; some were called to expound the gospel, even now; some were industrious home-makers, loyal and faithful bread-winners and some were studious and pursued high acedemic training which produced teachers and nurses and doctors."


John A. Pierson, 76, a former resident of Oakwood, died Monday in a local hospital.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Oakwood with the Rev. T.D. Lusk officiating.  Burial will follow in Oakwood Cemetery.

Arrangements are by McCoy Funeral Home.

The above Obituary is as it appeared in 'The Palestine Herald Press', on September 17, 1968

Parents of John Anderson Pierson

John Wesley Pierson & Adeline Austin
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1930 Leon Co., TX: John Pearson, 39; Estella Pearson, 39; John Pearson, 19; Jeffery Pearson, 19; Althea Pearson, 15; Zumma Pearson, 12; Onita Pearson, 9; Edwin Pearson, 7; Deone Pearson, 5; Willie Pearson, 3; FCL Pearson, 9/12

1910 JPct. 3, Anderson Co., TX:  John A. Rierson, 19; Estella Rierson, 19

1900 Campbells Store, Anderson Co., TX: John Wesley Pierson, 34; Adaline Pierson, 35; Pearl Pierson, 17; John A. Pierson, 9; Beulah Pierson, 4

1880 Houston Co., TX census: Pct. 2, Houston Co., TX: Wesley Pierson, 55, Alabama; Sarah T., 35, Texas; Aaron Pearson, 25; Allice Pearson, 19;  Richard Pearson, 15; John Wisly Pearson, 13; Wm. M. Pearson, 10; Maladdi Pearson, 3; Jessee Pearson, 3m; Step-Children: James Wilson, 20; Jane Wilson, 18; Charley Wilson, 15; William Wilson, 11; Lizie Brown, 9; John Edins, 8.