Charles C. Parker and Jane South


Generation No. 1


1.  CHARLES C.6 PARKER  (JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIEL3, JOHN2, ROBERT1)1 was born 1815 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1880 in Houston County, Texas.  He married JANE BERRY SOUTH2 06 Mar 1837 in Blount County, Alabama.  She was born 1812 in South Carolina, and died 1865 in Houston County, Texas.


Children of CHARLES PARKER and JANE SOUTH are:

                   i.       NEWBURN7 PARKER, b. 1838, Hancock County, Alabama.

                  ii.       MARTHA PARKER, b. 1839, Hancock County, Alabama.

                 iii.       MARY E. PARKER, b. 1840, Hancock County, Alabama; d. 1894, Houston County, Texas.

2.              iv.    W. LOGAN PARKER, b. 1842, Hancock County, Alabama; d. 1929, Antioch, Houston, Texas, United States.

                  v.       ELMIRA PARKER, b. 1845, Hancock County, Alabama; d. 1914, Lovelady, Houston, Texas.

                 vi.       MALINDA PARKER, b. 1847, Hancock County, Alabama; d. Unknown, Texas; m. UNKNOWN REYNOLDS.

                vii.       ELIZABETH BETTIE J. PARKER, b. 1850, Hancock County, Alabama; d. 1940, Houston County, Texas.

               viii.       CATHERINE PARKER, b. 1853, Alabama; d. 1915, Camden, Polk, Texas.

                  ix.       WILLIAM JOSEPH PARKER, b. 1855, Alabama; d. 23 Jun 1922, Houston County, Texas.


Generation No. 2


2.  W. LOGAN7 PARKER (CHARLES C.6, JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIEL3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 1842 in Hancock County, Alabama, and died 1929 in Antioch, Houston, Texas, United States.  He married JULIA ANN NICHOLS 1866 in Coldspring, San Jacinto County, Texas.  She was born 1848 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, and died 13 Feb 1936 in Riviera, Kleberg, Texas.

Military: 1861, CSA Livingston Texas Private, Company F, Hubbard's regiment

Burial: 15 Feb 1936, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas


Children of W. PARKER and JULIA NICHOLS are:

3.                i.       WILLIAM JOSEPH8 PARKER, b. 1875, Polk County, Texas; d. 1953, Trinity, Texas.

                  ii.       CHARLES M. PARKER, b. 1872, Polk County, Texas; d. 06 Oct 1943, Weldon, Houston, Texas, United States; m. OLEVANNA MAE HAYES; b. 1882, Trinity County, Texas; d. 1936, Weldon, Houston County, Texas.

                 iii.       MARY E. PARKER, b. 1877, Polk County, Texas; d. 1894, Houston County, Texas.

4.              iv.       BENJAMIN GREEN PARKER, b. 1879, Polk County, Texas; d. 1943, Harris or Walker, Texas.

                  v.       MARTHA PARKER, b. 1881, Polk County, Texas; d. 1964, Trinity County, Texas; m. JAMES BARTER SANDERS, 1902, Houston County, Texas.

                 vi.       ROBERT E. PARKER, b. 1885, Polk County, Texas; d. 04 Aug 1947, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas; m. ANNIE BELL BARNES.

                vii.       ADOLPHUS DOLPH PARKER, b. 19 Nov 1887, Polk County, Texas; d. Apr 1983, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas; m. (1) DAVILLA BANKS; m. (2) BERTIE MAE BUTTS.

Military: 1917, WWI Draft Registration San Jacinto County, Texas

               viii.       GRATTON O. PARKER, b. 10 Aug 1897, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas; d. 08 Sep 1898, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.



Generation No. 3


3.  WILLIAM JOSEPH8 PARKER (W. LOGAN7, CHARLES C.6, JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIEL3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 1875 in Polk County, Texas, and died 1953 in Trinity, Texas.  He married JENNIE LYNN SMITH.  She was born 1878 in Texas.



                   i.       RUBY LYNN9 PARKER, b. 1902, Texas; m. ROY LEE ROBINSON3; b. 14 May 1906, Hill County, Texas4,5; d. 03 Mar 1975, Slaton, Lubbock, Texas6,7.

                  ii.       TOM PARKER, b. 1900, Texas.

                 iii.       MAGNOLIA PARKER, b. 1906, Texas.


4.  BENJAMIN GREEN8 PARKER (W. LOGAN7, CHARLES C.6, JOHN5, JOHN4, NATHANIEL3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 1879 in Polk County, Texas, and died 1943 in Harris or Walker, Texas.  He married REBECCA E. UNKNOWN Abt. 1904 in Houston County, Texas.  She was born 1875 in Mississippi.Military: 1918, WWI Draft Registration Houston COunty Texas



                   i.       DOLLIE9 PARKER, b. 1905, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

                  ii.       JOHN PARKER, b. 1907, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

                 iii.       ETHEL PARKER, b. 1909, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

                 iv.       BENJAMIN JEWELL PARKER, b. 1911, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

                  v.       VIRGIL PARKER, b. 1914, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.

                 vi.       HENRY PARKER, b. 1915, Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.





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