Andrew Colvin "Col" & Clara (Bryson) Nichols



Andrew Colvin "Col or A.C." Nichols, the son ofJames Marion Nichols and Mary Marshall,

was born April 19, 1885 Mason Co., TX.  He died February 10, 1945 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.

He married

Nancy Clara Bryson

 May 17, 1908 in Groesbeck, Limestone Co., TX.  


Clara Bryson was born February 7, 1890 in Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN and died May 14, 1978 in Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX.  She was the daughter of Gideon P. "Gid" Bryson.  Gid Bryson was born 1861 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN and died January 21, 1943 at Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Her mother was Sarah C. "Sally" Brandon, born 1864 TN and died May 7, 1898 Kirvin, Freestone Co., TX. 


Both A.C. and Clara Nichols are buried in Evergreen Memorial Park, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.


Children of A.C. & Clara Nichols









Edward & Edgar Nichols


Edward and Edgar Nichols, twin boys, were born 1909 in Cannon Co., TN.  It was late 1909 because family stories tell that it was freezing with deep snow on the ground.  The boys were born at 8 months.  One lived only a few hours while one lived about 3 days.  Burial location lost but they are buried in the Bryson Cemetery, Cannon Co., TN.




Veta Mae Nichols


Veta Mae Nichols was born February 26, 1910 in Leon Co., TX.  She married  William Luther "Windy" Morton December 25, 1925 in San Augustine, San Augustine Co., TX.  

Windy Morton was born March 13, 1907 in Etoile, Nacogdoches Co., TX and died July 06, 1964 in Orange, Orange Co., TX.  He was the son of George and Rebecca Morton.  Veta and Windy Morton are both buried in Blue Springs Cemetery, Etoile,  Nacogdoches Co., TX. 



Oscar Bryan "Bo" Nichols

Oscar B. "Bo" Nichols was born October 11, 1911 in Centerville, Leon Co., TX; died March 09, 1961 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.  He married Gertrue Johnson February 18, 1935 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.  She was born January 12, 1916 in Burke, Angelina Co., TX and died April 06, 1994 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.  She was the daughter of Albert Jackson "Ab" Johnson born 1875 Buffalo, Leon Co., TX and Ida Yates born 1879 Charlotte, Dickson Co., TN.  Both Oscar and Gertrue Nichols are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.



Marion Daniel Nichols

Marion Nichols born September 15, 1913 Limestone Co., TX died July 21, 1973 in the VA Hospital, Houston, Harris Co., TX but was living in Etoyle, Nacogdoches Co., TX.  He married Sue Anna "Suzanna or Susie" Wooten.  She was born 1916 TX died April 23, 1988 in Nacogdoches Co., TX.  Marion Nichols is buried in the Blue Springs Cemetery, Etoyle, Nacogdoches Co., TX.  




Frances Ardell



Frances Ardell Nichols

Frances Ardell Nichols was born 1914 and she died 1914 probably in Leon county or Freestone Co., TX.




Odes Preston Nichols

Odes Nichols was born November 20, 1915 in Flo Community, Leon Co., TX died July 08, 1996 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX.  He married Maggie Hiser born January 20, 1917.  She is the daughter of Ernest Hiser.  Odes Nichols is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, Crockett, Houston Co., TX.





Mary Nichols


Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols was born 22 May 1920 Teague, Freestone Co., TX and died 07 Jul 1920 Freestone Co., TX; buried Woodland Cemetery, Freestone Co., TX, beside her grandmother Sarah C. "Sally" (Brandon) Bryson.




J.P. Nichols

J.P. Nichols was born September 05, 1922 in Navarro, Navarro Co., TX died September 22, 1997 in Junction City, KS.  He was cremated and ashes spread along the river bank in Denison, TX beside the oldest bridge in Texas.  He married Eva Mae Hunt September 05, 1953 in Athens, TN.  She was born January 05, 1920 Monroe Co., TN and died September 01, 2003 in Smyrna, TN.  Marriage ended in divorce.





James Andrew



James Andrew Nichols

James Andrew Nichols was born August 10, 1927 and died December 10, 1930 Limestone Co., TX; buried New Hope Cemetery, Limestone Co., TX