by:  Sil Crim


James Marshall "Pa" Lovell

Emma (Pyle) Lovell


Lovell Home Place

2.5 miles East of Weches on SH21

El Camino Real


L/R: Lee E. Smith, James Frank Lovell, Wilmer Sherman Lovell, Pa Lovell, Elwin winfree Lovell & Loyd Lacy Lovell

Pa loved to sit in his swing and wave at passers-by, chat & even invite them to have lunch or dinner.


L/R: Ava Jones Lovell, Clara Smith Silvers, Vera Lovell Crim, Della Gorbett, Laveda Gibson & Vivian Lovell Mullins.

Unable to identify those kneeling or in background

Virgie Gregg and Ma Lovell on the front steps of the Lovell home place in Weches.  Wouldn't you give anything just to know what they were talking about... 1940's


Most years there was a Lovell Reunion...some of the favorite times of our lives and most memorable.  It is easy to spot Ma and Pa Lovell.  Aunt Lucy Colman is in a flowered dress at the far right, and my Mom, Vera Lovell Crim is also in a flowered dress to the left.  I (Silver Carroll Crim) am standing to the right front with the other kids. (with my finger in my mouth)


Lovell home place showing the rock wall and steps holding back the sandy soil after SH21 was paved... taken in 1940's

Loyd Lacy Lovell, elected Sheriff of Houston County 1961, served four terms, followed by several terms as County Judge.