Addison "Add" Houston & Mattie Lusk

Generation No. 1

1. ADDISON "ADD"2 HOUSTON (HOWARD1) was born 03 Jul 1878 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX, and died 08 May 1980 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX; son of Howard & Ibby Houston. 

He married MATTIE LUSK; She was born 01 Jan 1883 in Leon Co., TX, and died 26 Dec 1954 in Houston Co., TX.  She was the daughter of Josh Lusk and Seles Smith.  Her death certificate states she was buried in the Jones Cemetery, Houston Co., TX

"Uncle Add ", as he was fondly called by the children of most of the families in Crockett.  At one time or another he had done favors, worked for, or just became acquainted in the 102 years that he lived.  I (Billie Nichols Bennett) talked with him a lot when he came to help Mable Hail with yard work and enjoyed hearing him tell of when he was a child growing up and how his father had been a slave before the Civil War.


FACT #1: 1880 Leon Co., TX: HOUSTON Howard, b, 28, farmer, LA VA VA; Ibby, 28, wife, TN; Mattie, 8, dau, TX; Sydney, 7, son, TX; Mollie, 4, dau, TX; Addison, 2, son, TX.

FACT #1b: 1900 Leon Co., TX: HOUSTON, Adison, b, Mch1879, 21, TX TX TX; Mattie, b, May 1885, m/0yrs, no children.

FACT #1c: 1910 Houston Co., TX: HOUSTON, Addison, black, 31, m1x 10yr; TX TX MS, farm; Mattie, wife, 26, 5ch 5liv, TX TX TX; Helen, dau, 9, TX; Herman, son, 6, TX; Hubbard, son, 5, TX; Henry, son, 3, TX; no name, son, 1/12, TX.

FACT #1d: 1920 Houston Co., TX: HOUSTON, Adison, 41, TX; Mattie, wife, 40, TX; Helen, dau, 20, TX; Herman, son, 18, TX; Hubert, son, 17; Henry, son, 15; Horas, son, 12; Bell, dau, 10; Eugene, son, 9; Dean, dau, 7; Harold, son, 5; Florence, 4, TX

FACT #1e: 1930 Houston Co., TX Pct.1: HOUSTON, Addison, neg, 51, m@21, TX TX TX; Mattie, wife, 44, m@14, TX TX TX; Helen, 28; Herman, 26; Herbert, 25; Horace, 20; Hubert, 17; Eugene, 14; Addie D., 12; Harold, 10; Addison Jr., 7; Mattie, 10/12.


i. HELEN3 HOUSTON, b. 22 Dec 1900, Houston Co., TX; d. 27 Sep 1934 Houston Co., TX.  Her death certificate states she was single; buried in the Jones Cemetery, Houston Co., TX.

ii. HERMAN HOUSTON, b. 16 Oct 1903, Houston Co., TX; d. 04 Nov 1968 Houston, Harris Co., TX.  His death certificate states he is buried in the Jones Cemetery, Houston Co., TX

iii. HERBERT HOUSTON, b. 1905, Houston Co., TX; d. 21 Dec 1981, Houston Co., TX.

iv. HENRY ODELL  HOUSTON, b. 09 Dec 1907, Houston Co., TX; d. 30 Oct 1981.


2. vi. HORACE E. HOUSTON, b. 1910, Houston Co., TX; d. 11 Nov 1984, Houston Co., TX.

vii. ADDIE DEAN HOUSTON, b. 1912, Houston Co., TX.

3. viii. HUBERT "HUBIE" EDWARD HOUSTON, b. 1913, Houston Co., TX.

ix. FLORENCE C. HOUSTON, b. 1916, Houston Co., TX.

4. x. EUGENE HOUSTON, b. 1919, Houston Co., TX.

5. xi. HAROLD C. HOUSTON, b. 1920, Houston Co., TX.

xii. ADDISON HOUSTON, JR., b. 1923, Houston Co., TX.


Military service: Enlisted in WWII 3 Jul 1942 Houston Co., TX

xiii. MATTIE,JR. HOUSTON  b. 09 May 1929, Houston Co., TX.


Generation No. 2


2. HORACE E.3 HOUSTON (ADDISON "ADD"2, HOWARD1) was born 1910 in Houston Co., TX, and died 11 Nov 1984 in Houston Co., TX. He married DIZZIE MITCHELL.

3. HUBERT "HUBIE" EDWARD3 HOUSTON (ADDISON "ADD"2, HOWARD1) was born 1913 in Houston Co., TX. He married JANIE MASK. She was born 06 Jun 1913 in Crockett, Houston Co., TX, and died 08 Apr 1995 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ.

4. EUGENE3 HOUSTON (ADDISON "ADD"2, HOWARD1) was born 1919 in Houston Co., TX. He married OLIVE MARSHALL.

5. HAROLD C.3 HOUSTON (ADDISON "ADD"2, HOWARD1) was born 1920 in Houston Co., TX. He married REVA SIMS.

Parents & Siblings of Addison Houston
Generation No. 1

1. HOWARD1 HOUSTON was born 1852 in LA. He married IBBY. She was born 1852 in TN.

Children of HOWARD HOUSTON and IBBY are:
i. ADDISON "ADD"2 HOUSTON, b. 03 Jul 1878, Crockett, Houston Co., TX; d. 08 May 1980, Crockett, Houston Co., TX; m. MATTIE LUSK, 04 Mar 1900, Leon Co., TX; b. May 1885, TX; d. 26 Dec 1954, Houston Co., TX.

ii. MATTIE HOUSTON, b. 1872, TX.

iii. SYDNEY HOUSTON, b. 1873, TX.

iv. MOLLIE HOUSTON, b. 1876, TX.

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