Jack & Vinnie Fleeks
Jack & Vinnie Fleeks - 1868

By:  Suzanne Steed
Jack and Vinnie Fleeks of the Hopewell Community, inspired their son Franklin Columbus Peter Fleeks (born Dec. 1865) to excel.

Franklin Fleeks had instilled in him by his parents, great moral strength and a desire to learn and to pass on to others his great desire for learning.

He directed many children as well as his own to attain higher education and positions of leadership

Fleeks was a college graduate who taught in various Houston County Schools for 52 years.

He donated land for the Gudeblye School Building in 1908.  Fleeks was a farmer, businessman, beloved educator, had the first store of the area with a gas pump and was an inspiration to generations who came after.  Franklin Fleeks lived his entire life in the Hopewell Community and was buried there.  A State of Texas Historical Marker honors Franklin Columbus Fleeks for his many contributions to his community.

Franklin Columbus Fleeks' son was Edward Dubois Fleeks, author, educator and rancher and later in life an evangelist.

Edward Dubois had a daughter, Edwardlene Fleeks Willis who returned to Texas after many years and located her home on a portion of the Fleeks Farm that she and her brother, Franklin Dubois Fleeks, an attorney for the Alaska Legislator, inherited.

The Fleeks homestead has been designated as a historical site by the state of Texas.

Fleeks Farm is also a part of the Texas Family Land Heritage Program for continuous operation by the same family for over 100 years.

Edwardlene has two sons Myron Willis of California and Miles Willis of Washington, DC who visit the home-land often bringing their children who walk the same land as their great great great grandparents did in the mid 1800's and is still owned by the same family.

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