This article was printed in the local news in the book,
                       "Crockett News Papers 1853-1896" Houston County Collection-Volume 1

                                                            by:  Bebe Beasley Ulrich.

                             John Thomas Yates; son of Matthew Yeates and Barbary Bell.

                                   Crockett News Papers 1853-1896  -   February 14, 1890

"Last Saturday while John Yates and Charley Frazier were riding home from Crockett, Mr. Yates met with an accident which injured himself and horse considerably.

Mr. Yates had been smoking a pipe and supposing that he had knocked all the fire out stuck it in his saddle-riders, which contained among other things, a pound of powder,  which exploded, blowing the horse about four feet from the road, singeing the hair off of him from head to tail.

Mr. Yates had his face pretty badly scorched."

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