Mary Allen College - artist: Don Gordon
Article: Suzanne Steed
Artist: Don Gordon - 1973
Mystical Mary Allen College
Mary Allen College has always had a special aura about it, not only because it has historical architectural significance, not only because it was ahead of its time in providing higher education for  Houston County citizens as well as others state wide, but also because it has a  mystical presence that is unexplainable. 

In the last 50 years, the aura of Mary Allen has drawn the county's teenagers who would look in awe at the great looming structure on top of "college hill", sometimes venturing to climb atop and view the valley below. Before them,  many of their parents came and saw a different Mary Allen but with the same drawing presence. 

Now it is the grand-children who come.   Photographers have come and documented the steady decline of architecture with birds and vines taking over yet lending another dimension of interest.  Windows have a sad countenance as they stand as a reminder of hopeful students who looked out through them in earlier times ready to face the world armed with an education as well as those on the outside looking in wanting to be a part of the educational opportunities offered by Mary Allen. 

Artists such as , Don Gordon, in 1973, sat many hours painting and thinking of those who had passed through the doors in search of a better life through education.  Don Gordon was drawn, as many others before and and have been since, to the mystique of Mary Allen. Don Gordon felt that the ground held a sacredness as well and was inspired to capture this in his painting.   

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