Major Joseph Crowson


Major Joseph Crowson

Born: 14 Sep 1900 Lovelady, Houston Co, , Texas

Died: 16 Jan 1934  Huntsville, Walker Co, Texas


He was the son of Theopalus Waldon Crowson and his wife Margaret Isabel Hall-Crowson.




"My name is Major J. Crowson.  I am called at the Eastham State Prison Farm 'Long Arm Man' or 'Backfield Man', and on the morning of January 16, 1934, Olin Bozeman was carrying No.1 squad.  I was riding a horse and I was in front of Bozeman's squad. It was about 7:15 a.m. when Bozeman called me and said 'Raymond Hamilton has jumped my squad.' and I said 'Boy that is for something.' and Bozeman said 'Yes it is.'


Joe Palmer was in Boss Bozeman's squad and he pulled an automatic pistol. It was a .44 or .45, and Joe Palmer shot me in the stomach he shot at me once while I was riding away. When Joe Palmer pulled his gun on me Joe Palmer said 'Don't you boys try to do anything.' I never did get my hand on my gun, and I never did shoot at Joe Palmer or any other convicts that was in the squad.


After I was shot I rode to the camp and told Captain Mozingo that I was shot and shot bad. I am positive that it was Joe Palmer who shot me."



Joe Palmer, Bonnie Parker, and Clyde Barrow who shot

and killed Major Joseph Crowson during the Eastman Prison 

jailbreak engineered by Bonnie and Clyde.