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January 18, 1912





January 18, 1912

Local News

Mr. & Mrs. S.W. Grant, recently of Waco, have come to Crockett to reside. Mrs. Grant was Miss Hazel Berry before marriage.

Knox Conway of Route 5, J.W. Reynolds of Route 6 and D.D. Gentry of the same route were among callers at the Courier office last Friday.

H.A. Fisher writes from Joliet, Ill, that the thermometer has gone out of sight below zero and that he has a longing to be again in Crockett.

W.M. Gregg of Route 6, Ed Smith of Weches and R.T. Teal and J.C. Arnold of Pennington were among the Courier's friends in town Wednesday.

Forty-one years the pastor of one church is a record that not does fall to the lot of many preachers. Such is the record of Rev. S.F. Tenney, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of this city. Feeling that his usefulness is perhaps about to draw to a close, Mr. Tenney has offered his resignation to his congrefation. The resignation has not yet been acted upon. Mr. Tenney is yet in active life and the Courier hopes he may see many years more of usefulness.

The first announcement the Courier has the pleasure of making in 1912 is that of O.C. Goodwin for re-election as county clerk. Mr. Goodwin is announcing for his second term. During his term in office he has been faithful to the trust placed in him, courteous to all having dealings with him and strict when the letter of law was to be complied with. It is needless to say that his announcement is subject to the democratic primary. He solicits your support.

New Barber Shop for Crockett. Byrd & Simpson have opened a barber shop in the place formerly occupied by W.W. Meeks as a jewelers' shop, located in the front half of Arledge Tailoring Co.'s shop. The firm is composed of two experienced barbers, both of whom have been working in Crockett shops for some time. They are no strangers to the people of the city and county and will appreciate a share of the public's patronage. Give them a trial on your barber work.

J.P. Rains of Route 4 paid the Courier a visit on Monday.

Mrs. R.H. Wootters is in San Antonio under the treatment of an eye specialist.

Mrs. J.M. Crook and children of Durant, Okla., are visiting the family of F.H. Bayne.

H.R. Bement of Kilbourne, Wis., is spending the week here, looking after his property.

Porter Newman of Durant, Okla., was visiting relatives and friends in the county last week.

Mrs. T.J. Crofford of Creek Route 1 is among the number remembering the Courier since last issue.

Mrs. Allen Newton of Galveston and Rev. S.F. Tenney are among the Courier's subscription renewals.

For Sale. A gentle family horse and buggy in good condition. Apply to John Millar.

Contract for Brick Building. W.M. Patton has let the contract for the Patton new brick building to embrace four stores. This building will be erected at the west of his present building and will take in the ground now occupied by his hotel. The contract was let to C.M. Baughtman and the brick is now on the ground. The building, including the four lots covered, is valued at $15,000. All of the four stores have been rented in advance. This is only one of the many evidences of Crockett's growth.

The Blizzard Raged. Crockett was in the grasp of a blizzard Saturday and Sunday and again on Tuesday and Wednesday. The blizzard raged all through Saturday evening and night and ice, sleet and flurries of snow were plentiful Sunday morning. Monday morning the weather had moderated some, but on Monday afternoon the second blizzard, even fiercer than the first, gave the town a broadside swipe and a chill to every living thing. Tuesday morning the thermometer registered 10 above zero inCrockett. It was 10 below in the Texas Panhandle and 30 below in Minnesota.

Miss Mary P. Stanton, sister of District Clerk Joe Brown Stanton, died Monday morning at the home of her brother in this city. The deceased had been in bad health for some time. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock at the Stanton residence. Interment followed in the family burial ground eight miles east of Crockett. (Note: Beria)

Mr. Chas J. Hassell died at the Palestine Sanitarium Saturday night. He was operated on Thursday for gall stones and appendicitis, and after the operation, rallied and was thought by the physicians to be recovering. Saturday he became suddenly worse and died that night. The funeral occurred at Crockett Monday afternoon. Mr. Hassell had passed the meridian of life and was a resident of Crockett for many years. He served at one time as city marshal, making a faithful officer. Early in life he came to Texas from Georgia and, locating here, make many friends among whom he lived until his death. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Julia Barbee, and two sons, Chas. And Will Hassell, the two former residents of this city. He was a member of the Methodist Church and the funeral services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. Geo W. Davis and assisted by Rev. S.F. Tenney.

Citation by Publication

The State of Texas, To the Sheriff or any Constable of Houston County greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon the unknown heirs of Edward Tyler, deceased; the unknown heirs of Mary Ann Oliver, deceased, the unknown heirs of J.M. Long, the unknown heirs of Ida Pennington, deceased, the unknown heirs of F.M. Oliver, deceased, the unknown heirs of D.W. Pennington, and J.M. Long, Ida Pennington, F.M. Oliver, and D.W. Pennington, by making publication of this citation once in each week for eight successive weeks... the court house of said Houston county, in the town of Crockett, on the fifth Monday after the first Monday in February A.D. 1912...then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the sixth day of January A.D. 1912 in a suit, numbered on the docket of said court No. 5363, wherein Miss Reppe Freeman is plaintiff and the unknown heirs...(listed above)...are defendants and petition alleging that the plaintiff is owner in fee simple being lawfully seized and possessed of the following tract of land...


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