January 11, 1912

         Local News

Tom Aiken spent Christmas at Henderson.

A.E. Mays of Dallas visited home folks here last week.

Armstead Aldrich was at home from school for the holiday season.

Miss Nell Beasley, in school at Sherman, was at home Christmas week.

Miss Caroline Peyton spent Christmas with the homefolks at Marlin.

T.J. Ware was a caller at the Courier office on Thursday before Christmas.

Mrs. J.F. Downes of Dallas is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warfield here.

Mr. J. E. Monk is among the number remembering the Courier since last issue.

H.W. Beeson of Lovelady Paid the Courier a visit on Friday before Christmas.

Mr. and Mrs. George McLean were presented with a baby girl Christmas morning.

R.S. Willis of Winters, visiting friends here, called at the Courier office Friday.

J.W. Young went to Chicago on business in connection with the road bonds last week.

Will Lipscomb has returned to his studies in the State Medical University in Galveston.

Miss Beasley Denny was at home from Baylor University at Waco during the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Newton of Galveston were visiting relatives and friends here last week.

Mrs. M.E. Smith and daughter, Miss Roberta, have returned to their home at Culpeper, Va.

Mrs. Barnes of Trinity spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Bayne, here.

Miss Sue Denny, from the State University at Austin, was at home for the holiday season.

Rooms to rent, furnished or unfurnished, with bath privileges. Apply to Mrs. Geo. W. Cook.

Cleaning, pressing, repairing and altering clothes our specialty. Shupak Tailors.

Miss Grace Denny, teaching a music class at Ratcliff, spent Christmas with the folks at home.

Albert Daniel has returned to Crockett from Limestone Gap, Okla., where he has been ranching.

Alec Davis, one of the Courier's long-time colored subscribers has renewed for another year in advance.

Misses Reba Rich and Lucile Mainer of Lovelady were guests of Misses Grace and Sue Denny last week.

Miss Willie Park Blair left Thursday night for Tyler and will g in a few days to New York to remain until summer.

The Courier regrets to learn of the removal of R.D. Wherry of Houston County.  Mr. Wherry is now living at Oakwood.

Removal Notice. My office is now located over the Murchison-Beasley Drug Co. W.C. Lipscomb, M.D.

C.H. Long of Augusta, D.J. Keels of Creek and J.W. Manning were among the number remembering the Courier before Christmas.

Donald G. Moore, secretary and treasurer of the Beaumont Waterworks Company, spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Moore in this city.

The Courier is glad to know that Mr. Charles Beazley, formerly of Reynard, has decided to become one of Crockett's citizens. He will move his family here.

B.B. Austin of Route 6, Dr. W.W. Latham of Route 2, O.T. Bitner of Marlin and J.R. Luce of Grapeland are among the number remembering the Courier since last issue.

Miss Stewart Wise and Miss Mary Hughes left Monday morning for Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma City, where they will visit before returning to their homes in Virginia.

To Rent. Eighty acres of good black land, one and a half miles from Crockett. Will rent only to man with two teams and able to furnish himself. Smith Bros.

Mr. Berry Yates and Miss Ava Brashears were married at the Methodist parsonage December 24, Rev. Geo. W. Davis officiating. The bride was a Houston county girl, the groom coming from Fort Worth where they will make their home.

Among the numerous entertainments complimenting Misses Wise and Hughes of Virginia was a "forty-two" party given by Mrs. Lawrence Jordan Saturday evening. The party was progressive and at its conclusion refreshments were served.

A Miss Blalock and Mr. Woollam were married at the Harris hotel last week by Justice of the Peace Ed Callier. Mr. Woollam comes from central Texas while his bride lived a few miles east of Crockett. They left on the night train for the bridegroom's home.

Notice. I will have a deputy at Lovelady, Monday, January 8th, 1912, Grapeland, Tuesday, January 9th, 1912, Ratcliff, Saturday, January 18th, 1912, Kennard, Monday, January 15th, 1912, collecting 1910 taxes. Mrs. A.L. Goolsby, Tax Collector.

Walter Jones died suddenly at his home near Latexo last Thursday night. Mr. Jones was a middle age, a man of family, hardworking and a good citizen. The Courier, in common with the rest of his neighbors, regrets very much to learn of his death. He retired as usual and died about 2 o'clock after a brief struggle. Heart failure was given as the cause.

Estray Notice. One bay mare about 10 years old, crippled in fore foot and wire cuts on leg. Also one bay horse about 10 years old. The weight of the above about 1000 lbs. Each. The above stock left Pennington about 4 weeks ago. Will pay liberal reward for above stock. J.A. Brannen, Pennington, Texas

Honoring Miss Stewart Wise, of Norfolk and Miss Mary Hughes of Culpeper, Va., Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edmiston entertained at dinner Christmas day. The other guests on this occasion were Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Wootters, Miss Willie Park Blair of Tyler, Mr. Hugh Mercer Smith of Weldon and Messrs. Oliver Aldrich and W.W. Aiken. The game of bridge was enjoyed after dinner.

Sheriff A.W. Phillips arrested in Oklahoma last week a man indicted by the last Houston County grand jury for bigamy. The man's name is Kelly, but he was living under an assumed name in Oklahoma living, it is claimed with wife no.2. Kelly posed for a while as a preacher and an ex-convict in the southwestern part of this county and married a Houston county girl. He later went to
Oklahoma and the grand jury indictment followed. He is being held in jail and it is said that he is an ex-convict and was passing himself as a preacher in Oklahoma.

At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Warfield, in this city on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, occurred the marriage of Mr. John W. Greenwell of Minneapolis, Minn., and Mrs. Sallie Warfield Clark of San Antonio. The wedding was a very quiet one, being witnessed only by the members of the family. The ceremony was performed by Rev. S. F. Tenney of the Presbyterian church. Mr. and Mrs. Greenwell left on the north bound train for San Antonio and from there they will go to their home in Minneapolis. Mr. Logan Greenwell of Kansas City, a brother of the groom, was here for the wedding.

Dissolution of Firm. Notice is hereby given that the law firm of Madden & Ellis as this day dissolved. All business now on hand will have the attention of both until completed and all claims against the firm may be presented to either of us. Mr. Madden will remain in the office occupied by the firm, and Mr. Ellis can be found on the same floor adjoining Dr. Atmar's office. All persons owing the firm will please call and settle as soon as practicable. We are grateful to all clients for their business in the past and either of us will be glad to serve them in the future. J.W. Madden, C.M. Ellis.

January 11, 1912


The State of Texas, to the sheriff or any constable of Houston county greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon the unknown heirs of S.S. Towles, deceased, the unknown heirs of J.S. Towles, deceased, the unknown heirs of E.J. Wood, deceased, the unknown heirs of Archible Henrie, deceased, the unknown heirs of Melissa J. Pollard, deceasced, the unknown heirs of A.E. Merritt, deceased, the unknown heirs of George J. Butler, deceased, the unknown heirs of Sally J. Butler, deceased, the unknown heirs of A.F. James, deceased, the unknown heirs of Maggie Blagge, deceased, the unknown heirs of Hamilton ???, deceased, the
unknown heirs of Hamilton Blagge, the unknown heirs of B.N. McBride, deceased, unknown heirs of J.W. Webber, deceased, and the unknown heirs of Benjamin F. Wood, deceased, by making publication of this citation once in each week, for eight successive weeks....In the town of Crockett, on the fifth Monday after the first Monday in February, A.D. 1912, the same being the eleventh day of March A.D. 1912, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the ninth day of January, A.D. 1912, in a suit numbered on the docket of said court No. 5364, wherein M.A. Milliff is plaintiff and the unknown heirs of (as listed above), Mrs. M.E. McBride, for herself and as administratrix of the estate of B.N. McBride, W.T. Patton and M.M. Medford are defendants, said petition alleging that the plaintiff is the owner in fee simple of the hereinafter described tracts or parcels of land, being lawfully seized and possessed of same, that on or about the first day of January, 1912, the defendants unlawfully entered upon said land, dispossessed the plaintiff and now unlawfully withhold from plaintiff the possession of said land to plaintiff's damage in the sum of fifty thousand dollars. That said tracts of land are all situated on the Archible Henrie league and labor about 23 miles south west from the city of Crockett, and the same which was patented to Benjamin F. Wood, as assignee of the said Archible Henrie, and more particularly as follows....(detail of tracts of land)



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