Crockett Weekly Courier - May 4, 1894




The Glenwood Association has been at work on the two burying grounds near town, one on the north and the other, the older of the two, on the south side of the Navarro Road.  About two weeks work has been put upon the older graveyard.  This is in an almost hopeless state, never having been regularly laid off to begin with.  The workmen found it covered in places with tangles of briars and masses of dead wood.  There are portions of this old graveyard that are almost exclusively occupied by tombs of those whose families have long ago disappeared from the community.


The newer cemetery on the north side was in a more satisfactory condition to begin with.  When first dedicated to its present use it was surveyed off upon regular lines in lots ranging in size from about 20x10 to about 20x20 feet.  Each narrow footpassage and the one carriage way stretch across from edge to edge in straight lines.  The work has been to turnpike the carriage way and each little footpath, raising the burying lots on each side to a level about four aor five inches above them, and to clean off the wild growth, of which there was an ugly and annoying abundance.


It is intended to pave the carriage way with brick or gravel out of the branch below Mesdames Collins and Douglas place on the same road, and to pave all footpaths with gravel if the funds shall hold out to that extent.