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Advertisements  in the 1945 Crockett High School Annual  

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N.B. Barbee & Harston Beeson - Frontier Times Magazine


Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker break Raymond Hamilton out of Eastham Prison, Houston Co., TX

Billie Nichols Bennett - TXGenWeb Houston Co., TX article that appeared in the Houston County Courier

Billie Nichols Bennett - TXGenWeb Houston Co., TX - article County of the Year Award - 01-15-2009

- C -

Cherokee Indians - home in Texas in 1836 - Submitted by: Jim Yarbrough Crockett Courthouse - Christmas 2007

David Crockett's Relative Visits Crockett - Grapeland Messenger - 2007 "Restoring Davy's Spring" by Archie McDonald - about Davy Crockett's Spring, El Camino Real, Crockett, TX
"David Crockett Chapter - Daughters of the Republic of Texas" Yearbook - 1967-1968 David Crockett's Last Letter - January 9, 1836 - Possible Fake Document
CROWSON, Major Joseph - killed in Eastham Prison break by Joe Palmer, engineered by Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow.THE DYING DECLARATION OF MAJOR CROWSON  Submitted by: Jim Yarbrough CHIMNEYS: How to build a smokeless chimney from the Crockett Printer - 12-6-1853

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JERRY DAVIS - Certified Wildlife Biologist retires after 38 years of award winning dedicated federal service. VERNA DUREN - celebrates her 101st birthday Saturday, March 17, 2007

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EXCITING CHASE 1893 -  Ben Tullis & Jernor Pearce came through Leon County from Limestone. Eden-Madden Massacre, October 1838 - Houston Co., TX

EASON, Carl A., Spec. 4 - Killed in Iraq

Houston County Courier article: 10/26/2006

Eason, Carl A. - Houston County Courier article - October 29, 2006

Entertainment - Square Dances - Two-Step, etc.- Barn Dances


- F -

FRONTIER TIMES Magazine - June1926

"Old Cowmen Tell of a Big Steal"

Names mentioned:  A.M. Nichols, Jim Nichols, Thomas Nichols, J.M. Nichols, S.C. Butler, Frank Fountain, Buck Pettus, Edd Lott, John Wood, John Claire, Pat Burk, Johnny Linney, Bill Irwin, J.A. Martin, George Little, Craig McAda, Frank Oneal, Sam CalvertSam Calvert, J.M. Choate, P.B. Butler, Sam O. Porter, Ed Lott, Will Lott, John Linney, John Wood, John Claire, Bud Jordan, Babe Moye, Dan Brister



FRONTIER TIMES Magazine - May 1926

Pg. 1-5     Pg. 6-11     Pg. 12-16    Pg. 17-21    Pg. 22-26    Pg. 27-31    Pg. 32-36    Pg. 37-41    Pg. 42-46    Pg. 47-48

Articles: Early Day Tribes, Adventures on the Cattle Trail, Fort Concho in 1870, Some Recollections of Early Days, Big Foot Wallace's Fight, The Old 45 Peacemaker, Old Amy the Seminole Squaw, Mrs. Rebecca J. Fisher, The Passing of a Pioneer, The Lee-Peacock Feud, "Black Jack" the Outlaw, A Journey to Ft. Griffin in 1876, Vindication of Jean Lafitte, William Greenwood a Pioneer, A Train Robbery Prevented, and Origin of Alamo Inscription.

- G -

GEORGIA CAMP SCHOOL: across from Georgia Camp Baptist Church located off Hwy. 1280, Houston Co., TX.


JIM GIBBS - Radio Personality Passes Away

Grapeland, TX - a history of the development of the city of Grapeland.

Glenwood Cemetery Association improvements - 1894

I have heard that the south side of the cemetery was initially for burials of blacks and the north side for the whites.  This article proves that to not be the facts.  In reality, the south side was the old part of the cemetery and apparently when it was full, the area on the north side was used.


- H -

Historic Hays Spring Dry Following Seismic Survey

HCHC is presented Civil War Ledger by Chester Roy Julian

HAROLD DURST HAIL - Letter to his Mother - Mabel (Durst) Hail - Written July 7, 1916 from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. - It gives a young man's perspective of live at the Naval Academy during that time.  He also talks about what, and who he misses from his home town.

Hail-McPherson Wedding

Gr-Gr-Granddaughter of Mable (Durst) Hail; Gr-Granddaughter of Ewen Hail; Granddaughter of Mrs. Jacqueline (Hail) Pate; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ewen Hail


MOLLY HAZLETT - born Houston Co., TX - CROWNED MISS TEXAS-2007 - Daughter of Joel and Sherri (Harrison) Hazlett; Junior at Sam Houston State University ; majoring in mass Communications - crowned Miss Texas

KEN HICKS Sings To Audience of 7,000 - A native of Crockett and a graduate of Crockett public schools, Kenn Hicks sang to more than 7,000 fans in Rome's famed Villa Celi Montana, held within the shadows of Rome's ancient Coliseum.

JOHN ROBERT HINSON - He was a prison guard in 1932 at the Eastham Prison when he was attacked and killed by convicts attempting to escape.  Submitted by:  Pat Hinson

HOUSTON COUNTY - Recollections of "Old time dere not be forgotten" by Bob Mattox - Houston County Courier 1-6-08

- I -

Ice House - Crockett, Texas - Jasper Jennings recounts his working at the ice house, daily operations, etc.


- J -

JESSE JAMES - Submitted by: Sandy Arnold Carr

Article # 1      Article # 2      Affidavit of Mary M. James

Was Eastex Visitor Jesse James?  Articles about the the man believed to be the legendary Jesse James and his visit with relatives in Houston Co., TX.


- M -

Mission San Francisco de los Tejas Replica - Ronald North of Groveton, TX - Submitted by:  Jim Yarbrough


- N -

JAMES WILSON "Jim" NICHOLS - wrote about the formation of the State of Texas and the Mexican War

James Wilson Nichols's account of Captain James Callahan

This account  contains a short biography of the life of Capt. Callahan's move to Texas in 1836, his last service in the Texas Rangers as well as the incident with the Blassengame family that resulted in Capt. Callahan's death. 

William Rowland Nichols family - Article in the  Ingram, TX Newspaper - Nichols line of Billie Nichols Bennett & Sue Nichols Hawhee

James Wilson Nichols - Some of his accounts of moving to Texas published in Texas Monthly - 1891

We become acquainted with the Day Family--Both families move to Texas-- Settle near San Augustine--A fish story--My acquaintance with Judge John E. Quitman--Move further west--A visit to the Alamo--Obtain valuable historical information from Mrs. Dickinson, the negro Jim Bowie, and Pepea Hondonga--Find Crockett's gun and "outfit"--How they were lost--"Marrying by bond"--Indian raids--Captain Clements' company of minute men--Some "old settlers"--A false alarm--Going to mill in the old days--The adventures of Asa Sowell and myself-- Fighting fire and wolves--A half-roasted team--Cut off by high water-- A happy time returning home--A wicked steer.

- P -

Plane crashed 1937 in Houston County.  Guy W. Edgerton of NC, a cadet in US Army killed. Price Index of Commodities Refecting Prices In Texas, 1861-1864
PEPPER TREE 160 Years old in 2008  

- S -


LENA SMITH - 101st Birthday 3-25-2007 - Lena Smith celebrated her 101st birthday March 25th at Houston County Nursing Home.

SNOW in Latexo, TX 4-7-2007

SNOW in Latexo, TX - 03-07-2008
B.J. Speer - (Leaving Holly, Houston Co., TX to move to Nevel's Prairie, Houston Co., TX - February 1890)  

- T -

Restoring TOWN BRANCH CREEK - Arched Bridge Discovered:  Photos & Article:  By Suzanne Steed


- Y -

John Yates and Charley Frazier - About John Yates, oldest son of Matthew Yeates and Barbary Bell, and Charley Frazier on their ride home from Crockett.





The Legend of the Courthouse Clock - Gonzales Co., TX

The Granbury Opera House - Granbury, TX

Old City Cemetery - Galveston, TX

Ghost Handprints

Austin Ghost Tours


East Texas Ghost Stories

America's Best Hauntings


1980, Crockett, TX

Children playing in the weeds see a black hairy creature.


mid 1980's, Kennard, TX

Woman almost hits bipedal creature with vehicle.


2005, Crockett, TX

Several encounters on remote Trinity River property.


1930's, along the Trinity river about 120 miles from Houston, TX

Nine foot tall brown/black creature seen carrying a calf.


UFO Sighting - 1897 - Frank Nichols of Josserand, Trinity Co., TX

Mr. Frank Nichols, a prominent farmer living about two miles east of here, and a man of unquestioned veracity, was awakened night before last near the hour of twelve by a whirring noise similar to that made by machinery.