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S. 4th St., Crockett, TX -present day First Natl. Bk. parking lot.

WOOTERS, Dr., John S. home: built 1900  - E. Houston Ave, Crockett, TX


Halls Bluff Road, Crockett, TX

McCONNELL, Robert Emmett: corner of E. Houston & 7th St, Crockett, TX; built 1901 MARSH, Robert home: 1924 located FM2022 North of Crockett, TX MERRIWETHER, Jim C. home:  built in the late 1800's in Kennard, TX

DuPUY, Marcus Cicero house: built abt. 1899 Kennard, TX

EDMISTON, C.L. house: 1904 E. Houston Ave- Crockett, TX

ELLIOTT, Dr. S.B. house:  1912 by Dr. S.B. Elliott.  Called Elliott-Stokes house.  His dau. married Dr. Paul Stokes

HEARD, Jimmy house:

built abt. 1900 - Latexo, TX

HENDERSON, Eli:  built in the 1880"s in Weches, TX

KING, Gail Q., Sr. house:  built abt. 1905 located S. 4th & Bell - Crockett, TX

COOK, John Smith:

built abt. 1906 E. Goliad Ave- Crockett, TX

DENNEY, William Henry, built abt. 1907 E. Houston Ave.- Crockett, TX

DOWNES-ALDRICH house:  built abt. 1891 by J.E. Downes- 207 N. 7th St.- Crockett, TX

LAWRENCE, K.D.: built in 1899, Lovelady, TX LeGORY, Augustus:  N. 4th St. -  Augustus LeGory came to Houston County in 1855. LeGORY, Wortham: N. 4t St, Crockett, TX; built in 1925.
MONROE-CROOK:  built 1854 by Armistead Thompson Mason Monroe, nephew of James Madison the 5th President of the United States.  Location E. Houston Ave., Crockett, TX PETTY, W.R. home: built early 1900's in Hagerville, TX ADAMS, Col. Earle home: built 1899 E. Goliad, Crockett, TX; later referred to as the Sherman house.
SMITH, Albert home: built 1924 Old Madisonville Rd., Crockett, TX SPINKS, Rudd Crawford home: built late 1800's on Highway 7 west of Crockett, TX GROUNDS, H.H. house: built before 1900 Belott, TX
TUNSTALL, Vicory Barker home: built 1906 -San Jacinto St, Crockett, TX WARFIELD, Charles Chase  "C.C." home: built abt. 1890, E. Houston Ave., Crockett, TX (demolished) WEST, Wesley home: built abt. 1900 n. 6th St., Crockett, TX
WOOTTERS, Andrew H. house: built 1900 - referred to as the Wootters-Craddock Home

BEASLEY, John Gordon "Jack", Sr.: built abt. 1925 on Bell Street, Crockett, TX

SHIVERS, John S. home: purchased in 1905