07- 09-2013 - Biography Page; Dickey families of Houston County; Source; Karen McCann Hett


06-03-2013 - Businesses page: Added photo of Jimmy Brown Store: Source: Jennifer Bass Smith

                        Business page: Picture of Dominy Service Station


05-21-2013 - Obituary Page: Added old Patterson obit's.... Source: Bettie Sarver

05-20-2013 - Added Smith and Barnes names to the Holly Cemetery; Source: Louise Caskey


03-07-2013 - Biography Page A-K & Black History Page: DEBOSE, Robert  & 1. Eliza Johnson, 2. Easter Randolph.


01-23-2013 -  Obituary Page:   BOZEMAN, E.J.

01-16-2013 -  Obituary Page:   DYKES, Frances Ann (Kennedy)

01-01-2013 -  Obituary Page:  MOORE, Jefferson "Jeff", Sr. CAPRIELIAN, Jill (Craddock)


12-14-2012 - Biography A-K Page:  Foster family histories


11-30-2012 - Langham Cemetery

11-30-2012 - Obituary Page: LANGHAM, Dorothy (Narvaez);                       

11-19-2012 - Obituary Page: CHILDS, Virginia (Hollingsworth) Lovell PRICE, Margie Nell (Jones)


10-28-2012 - Old Obituaries & Wedding: SHERIDAN, William N.; SHERIDAN, W.N., Col.; THAMES, R.R.; LIVELY, Mrs. Taylor; DOWNES, J.E.; BROWNING, L.Q.; BISHOP, Mrs. Jesse; KENNEDY-HOLLINGSWORTH WEDDING; Submitted by:  Bettie Sarver



09-25-2012 - Biography Page: William Bertron "Bert" Vest & Minnie Lee West genealogy

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