History of theses organizations from the book "The History Of Houston County Texas" by Armistead Albert Aldrich

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LINK TO:  Civic Clubs, Lodges, & Fraternities File


These histories include those of:   the  Lothrop Masonic Lodge No. 21 of A.F.A.M.,   Trinity Chapter No. 4 of R.A.M.,   Randolph Lodge No. 229 F.A.M.,    Independent Order Of Odd Fellows,   Friendship Lodge No. 41 I.O.O.F.,   San Pedro Lodge No. 86 I.O.O.F.,    Ella Lodge No. 81 I.O.O.F., Knights Of Pythias Davy Crockett Lodge No. 193,   Crockett Lions Club,   Crockett Rotary Club,   Crockett Chamber of Commerce,


The Grand Lodge of Texas

The Grand Lodge of Texas Library and Museum will conduct research of our membership records for you, or you may visit the Library and Museum in Waco, Texas, during normal business hours to conduct the research yourself.  Grand Lodge records contain the date that a person joined a Texas Masonic Lodge, and the name of the lodge he joined; also included may be other significant dates relating to membership, and the date the person passed away or left the Masonic Fraternity.


NAMES Listed In The Above LINK Files:  "Civic Clubs, Lodges, & Fraternities File"

Acree, Robert
Adams, E.P.
Adams, Joe
Adams, Earl Porter
Adams, Joe
Adams, Earle
Aiken, W.W.
Aldrich, A.A.
Alford, George G.
Allen, R.D.
Arledge, J.G.
Arledge, E.C.
Arledge, Sam F.
Arnold, L.H.

Baker, John F.
Baker, Arch
Barbee, Jack
Beasley, J.G.
Beasley, J.C.
Beaty, W.A.
Berry, H.J.
Berry, M.L.
Bibo, E.H.
Bishop, W.P.
Blair, John
Blakey, Jos.
Blankenship, Guy
Bracken, J.R.
Bradshaw, J.W.
Bromberg, M.
Bromberg, Mose
Brown, D.M.
Brown, Claude
Brown, A.B.
Brown, Jim
Bryan, Earl
Burnett, John H.
Butler, C.W.
Butts, John F.

Callahan, E.J.
Callaway, C.H.
Campbell, J.M.
Carleton, J.S.
Cartwright, W.G.
Cartwright, J.S.
Cartwright, W.G.
Cartwright, W.G.
Cartwright, James
Cassidy, R.
Cassidy, Richard
Casteel, A.H.
Chamberlain, B.F.
Collard, James H.
Collins, A.C.
Connor, A.J.

Cook, J.S.
Cook, Loch
Cook, G.L.
Cox, R.

Craddock, T.D.
Crook, George W.
Cutler, T.N.


Dalton, Oscar
Davis, Wm. W.
Dawson, James B.
Denny, W.H., Jr.
Denny, Wm.
Deupree, T.R.
Douglass, R.
Douglass, R.
Douglass, Richard
Downes, J.F.
Duglass, Richard

Edmiston, C.L.
Edwards, Wm. H., Sr.
Ellis, H.L.

Fifer, F.F.
Ford, C.E.
Foster, Samuel O.
French. W.A.R.
Frymier, B.F.

Goolsbee, T.B.

Hall, James M.
Harring, John G.
Harrison, Hyman
Heflin, J.T.
Henderson, T.B.
Henderson, E.T.B.
Herrin, J.R.
Hicks, T.C.
Hough, S.A.

Jasper, Seldon B.
Jensen, M.P.
Johnson, R.J.
Johnson, R.J.
Jones, T.H.
Julian, W.D.

Kennedy, D.C.
Kiessling, D.O.
King, R.L.
King, G.Q.
King, Walker

Lacey, Wm. Y.
Lee, A.S.

LeGory, J.G.
LeGory, John

Lipscomb, James L.
Lipscomb, J.L.
Lothrop, J.K.T.

Love, Andrew C.

McLain, Wm.
Markam, John W.
Matlock, Wm. R.
McCarty, Harvey G.
McCarty, H.O.
McConnell, John
McConnell, John A.
McCracken, E.W.
McDowell, Jas.
McLain, Wm.
Millar, J.C.
Miller, Wm. T.
Mize, W.A.
Monroe, A.T.
Moore, Wm. H.
Moore, C.W.
Moore, H.F.
Moore, Wm. H.
Moses, E.
Murchison, S.L.
Murchison, A.H.

Neville, D.C.
Newton, Allen
Nunn, D.A.

Odell, J.

Pace, E.A.
Page, W.B.
Patton, Nat
Perdue, B.O.
Posey, F.M.

Randolph, C.H.
Reinicke, J.H.
Richards, James L.
Richards. J.L.
Richardson, J.D.
Rogers, A.M.
Rye, Morgan

Satterwhite, B.L., Jr.
Satterwhite, B.L.
Saxon, J.H.
Schmidt, W.H.
Schupak, F.F.
Scott, D.C.
Shapira, M.L.

Sheridan, John R.

Shiver, Jas. S.
Shivers, J.W.
Shivers, J.W.

Shomaker, John
Shotwell, J.C.
Smith, F.A.
Smith, J.H.
Smith, F.A.
Sojourner, P.
Spain, W.A.
Stewart, Wm. A.
Stokes, Chas.
Stokes, E.B.
Stokes, Dr. Paul B.
Stubblefield, J.A.

Taylor, William M.
Taylor, Wm. M.
Thomas, B.F.
Towery, C.D.
Traylor, Dr. R.S.
Trube, H.J.
Trube, Harry J.

Van Pelt, Terry
Vaughn, W.E.

Waddell, W.M.
Walden, T.E.
Wall, W.F.
Warden, Moses
Webb, C.O.
Welch, T.J.
Wells, W.C.
White, L.W.
Williams, J.L.
Winfield, L.H.
Winfree, E.
Wood, Wm.
Wootters, J.H.
Wootters, J.C.
Wootters, R.H.
Wootters, Dr. J.S.
Wootters, J.S.
Wootters, J.C., Jr.
Wootters, A.H.
Wortham, Wm., Jr.

Young, J.W.
Young, J.W.
Young, J.W.
Young, J.W.

Zimmerman, J.C.
Zimmerman, J.C.