Quarters of Kennard
(the photo is an illustration only, not actual picture of location)
Illustration - Quarters developmentThe Quarters of Kennard
Article by: Suzanne Steed

The Quarters of Kennard are located in a nook between Fm 357 and the Pine Prairie Road. This has been the home of many Kennard residents since time began for the community. A small winding road from Fm 357 is the entrance to the neighborhood of some of the most interesting residents that have lived in Houston County.

One of the oldest was "Dad" Taylor who lived a wonderful 104 years in the Quarters. "Dad" Taylor's joy was hitching up his horse and wagon each day and heading toward the Tadmor community.

As "Dad" passed through downtown Kennard, kids from all over heard the sound of the wagon wheels turning over the gravel road and would run to catch a ride on the back of the wagon, then jump off after a mile or so. This was the highlight of the day for many. Passing through The Quarters was like a scene of yester year "today" with the women raking the yard and the tiny yard fires smoking, the collard and turnip green patches, fishing poles leaning up ready for a day of fishing, the sound of barnyard animals, hog killing at Son Calhoun's, George Richards and his sons riding by on gaited horses, chickens scurrying across the road, little kids playing with homemade toys and the smell of supper cooking late in the afternoon.

Throughout time, The Quarters have been called home by Annie C. Richards and her large family, Lavern Thomas, Bell and Allen Turner, "Dad" Taylor and his wives Lou and Henrietta Taylor, Earl and Annie Mae Byrd, Jessie McKelvey, Ike Wiley, Bobby Calhoun, Mason Calhoun and further down the Pine Prairie Road, Celestine Mitchell and Cliffertine and Wade Griffin, Cliff Mitchell, and nearby Rob and Margaret Bell Lewis, Bertha Hutchison, Cloyce and Joyce Adair, George and Edna Richards and their 21 children (George Richards is the Great Uncle of Beverly Taylor and Pam Wells), Albert Ford and Luella Ford, as well, Alberta Stewart, Son Calhoun and Della Mae, Gladys Benton, Georgia Mae and Rich Mask, Marie Mask, Anderson Duncan Williams, Madison York , Willie Z and Faye Mitchell.

The Quarters are still a very viable and active part of the community however somewhat changed with the fast pace of life, television and more than one car in every drive. However, sometimes late in the afternoon on warm summer days, you can still feel the old Quarters return in the spiraling of a small yard fire.

The older generations have passed on but many of their descendents remained and many have returned to the area to live if not to have a weekend country home.